Word Games

5:02 Cue Olympic music for closing ceremonies of word games.
5:01 Thank you all for playing! It was an amazing and ridiculous day.
5:00 Mandy won the last game! Woofle Waffles for her when i get home!
4:45 Here is final game on my health care blog! Look hard! it ends at 5:00.
4:34 Go over to Becky’s blog and name that movie!
4:34 Micah just won his own contest! Come on down stairs and get hooked up!
4:14 Head over to Micah’s blog and play!
4:00 Go to the next computer blog to play the game.
3:35 Go to Suki’s blog to play on!
3:34 Becky won the game on Todds blog with the answer Card Games, come find me downstairs with all the toys surrounded by kids getting free stuff!
3:28 Todds Game is online.
3:27 Patrick Sexton just asked if you can eat Play Dough.
3:15 Here is the next big game on Barb’s blog!
3:15 Looks like a winner on Info Gluttony! Jake, you win. I am downstairs with the pile of prizes!
3:01 for this blog you will be redirected to Eva’s blog!
3:00 The last game was astonishingly won by Stutdubl, Todd Malicoat!
2:45 Pamela Lund’s game begins now! Go here to play!
2:45 I think Ian Rong is the winner, Betsy, what do you say?
2:30 Next game begins – go to Betsy’s blog
2:29 Todd just picked the Barbie Twins calendar as his prize!
2:15 Next game begins! at webmacster!
2:15 Emily’s game is done and the winner is….???
2:00 Game Begins door lock affiliate blog
1:43 The next game will start at 2:00 at Emily’s new door lock affiliate blog. She is really cute to boot!
1:43 Getting Ready to start up again!
11:43 Todd Malicoat a.k.a. Stuntdubl one of the best SEO consultants in the world, just stopped by and we are hooking him up with a game!
11:45 Head on over to wordcamp info to play the next game. The living in america blog below still does not have an answer. Hint, it is a pun, not a real expected answer.
11:32 Head on over Daniels blog Living in America
11:31 The winner at perivision was Suki! Come on down to get your prize. I am at the t-shirt area with the big suitcase of prizes.
11:30 Head on over Daniels blog Living in America for the next game to begin at 11:30
11:24 Douglas Bell wins again with Spain and the U.S.
11:16 Next game beginning here, but perivision is game continuing.
11:01 Next game begins on the good doctors site!
11:00 Douglas Bell wins again with the Easter Bunny!
10:48 A quick 20 question game here!
10:48 Our last player could not find her user name and password 🙂
10:34 Curtis’s game is canceled due to rain.
10:32 The glow in the dark drink stirrers are gone, and given to Miranda!
10:31 Waiting for game to appear here 🙂
10:31 New Game Begins here!
10:30 Dougless Bell just won! While handing out wordcamp t-shirts!
10:25 This is getting ridiculous!
10:15 Amit’s game begins! Go here to play!
10:15 Miranda won the first game!

10:00 Let the games begin! Go to bodyabcs.com/bwp/ for the first game now!

9:48 I am at wordcamp. Already running into old friends. Going to post first game now at bodyabcs.com Talking to Douglas right now.

8:57 a.m. – Stay posted here. This is where the wordcamp games will begin, assuming I can get wifi!
Cue Olympic music for the wordcamp and wordgames opening ceremonies!

This is where you will read about the word games that will take place on Saturday during Word Camp 2008 in San Francisco.

There is also a cool charity scavenger hunt taking place on Sunday, go to the bottom of this page.

There will be big prizes like candy bars, Halloween masks, and maybe even squirt guns!

There will be a new game every 15 or 30 minutes posted here during Word Camp, so keep checking back!

It will go from 10:00 to 12:00 and then from 1:00 to 5:00 (If lunch is announced as being different than 12:00 to 1:00 then this will be slightly shifted.

I am looking for bloggers who would like to host one of the games on their sites.

All you need is a blog and know how to post on it. Then you will be given a simple post to write such as guess how many tattoos Matt Mullenweg has, and the first person to get the right answer, and post it in a comment, wins a box of cookies! I will be at word camp, and the winner then will come to me and get their prize!

This will be cool, because it will bring new people to your site, and be stupid fun!

If you are interested, just leave a comment below, and I will e-mail you!

Then on the day of wordcamp, just come to this page to play!!!!

Here is a list of wordcamp wordgames prizes, photos coming soon!

If you have any ideas for good games I can use, riddles, puzzles, quests, whatever? just e-mail them to me at
dk =the@sign= purposeinc.com

Much Love,

34 Replies to “Word Games”

  1. Sounds like fun, but 15 minutes and hosting it on my site is too much time away from the conference for me, and for a lot of people. Five minutes maybe, but 15, I won’t have. Good luck with the project. Wish I had the time. It is a VERY packed scheduled this year with some top speakers that shouldn’t be missed.

    And don’t forget, there is the Genius Bar where WordPress experts will be offering their knowledge and advice for free to attendees who need some WordPress help. That is going to be very exciting.

  2. The spaces have almost all filled up to host a spot.
    If you want one, leave a comment ASAP!
    This is going to be fun!
    I have lots of silly prizes!

  3. I have all the prizes picked out!
    Thanks Mandy, thanks Jo!
    You won’t be winning any diamond rings, but you will have lots of laughs and some good snacks!

  4. Can’t believe I actually won the MacGuyver Game! Thanks, Patrick — I’ve never won anything, that I can remember.

    So DK — how about you just give me a Snickers Bar next Wednesday, since I’m not even at WordCamp “in the body,” so to speak? You’ll need the rest of the prizes for those who are present. I never thought I’d win!

    Thanks for letting me play…

  5. DK — I think you forgot to announce my Game! You ended announcing at 2:15… no wonder there weren’t any comments but yours and mine. Sad face…

  6. Hey Betsy!
    I think they are still digesting after lunch. I am waiting for the players to return to the game.
    We got an announcement, just as your game begun.
    Love ya!
    That’s the way the internet goes, sometimes you hit it big and sometimes it can kinda fizzle. 🙂

  7. Fizzle and a little sugar and lime can make a 7-up!
    Games on!
    Remind me about the 2 snickers 😉

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