Picture Compare Game

There are some differences between the two pictures below.
The first person to leave a difference in the comments section gets a point.
The person with the most points 10 minutes into the game wins!

Picture 1 Above

Picture 2 Above


  1. lady with dark hair got no eyebrows in 2nd pic!

  2. Mandy Parker

    2. the label on the bottle is a different color
    3. the flowers on her dress are missing

  3. Mandy Parker

    the guy is missing his earring!

  4. Mandy Parker

    the pink table decoration in the left hand corner is gone

  5. Mandy Parker

    the balloons in the top left-hand corner are a different color

  6. The woman with the green dress is missing her eyebrows.

  7. ops, missed that was already posted… nevermind then 😛

  8. Maryann

    male is missing earing – right side of picture
    bottle lable is different
    balloons are different
    back ground is different
    eye brows are missing on dark color hair female
    decoration missing lower left corner

  9. picture 1 – womens with green dress only have 9 buttons
    picture 2 – lose 2 buttons on the side of her dress

  10. 1- Wall color is different.
    2- The lady’s green dress (lady holding the bottle) is missing two flower patterns.
    3- She is missing two eyebrows.
    4- The bottle she is holding has a different color label.
    5- Two of the balloons in the b/g are a different color.
    6- bottom lefthand corner of picture: there is a petal/decoration thingamabobber that isn’t in the other picture.
    7- The guy on the right of the picture is missing an earring.
    8- second dude from right has a different flesh tone between the two pictures.

  11. it so hard to identify the differences right away when you have a smaller screen display. hehe. Maybe if you posted it along with each other, maybe I could answer it right away. hehe.

    Just noticed the “girl at the center, she has no eyebrows on picture2”.


  12. hello childrean of the corn field

  13. eyebrow is missing

    hello Alice i love what you worte its inspiering and Glen you just got them all didnt you .. you silly duck:)!!

  14. Dr. Audrey

    Clearly the girl to the left of the hostess just had the most amazing ADJUSTMENT and can’t wait to tell all of the other guests all about it!

  15. ally

    the pictures are differnt in alot of ways lets leave it that way

  16. ally

    the earing is missing

  17. ally

    the table decoration in the bottom corner

  18. ally

    the bottles lable

  19. ally

    the background color

  20. ally

    the flowers on her dress are missing
    2 buttons are missing

  21. ally

    picture 2 is lighter

  22. 1-the dots on the dress of the woman holding the bottle.
    2-pink leaf on the left side corner in the photo.
    3-the lable color on the bottle.
    4-the earring in the left ear of the black man.
    5-background color of the wall is different.
    6-color of baloons on the left side is different.
    7-eye brows are not there with the lady in the middle.
    8-face texture of the scond man from the right side.

  23. jeniffer

    the eyebrows

  24. jeniffer

    1. the eyebrows
    2. the buttons/circle shape designs in her green dress
    3. confetti at the bottom left(pink one)
    4.bottled wine different color
    5.earings of black man

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