What two countries contain Sierra Nevada Mountains

What two countries contain Sierra Nevada Mountains?
Answer this and win a huge prize!


  1. California and Nevada.

  2. Oh, you said countries. Man, I’m reading too fast, I thought you said states.

  3. without google, i hope i don’t embarrass myself by my poor geog skillz: California and Nevada?

  4. Spain, Mexico, and United States.

  5. dk

    Yep, Countries.

  6. colombia + US

  7. The only Sierra Nevada mountain range I know is the one between California and Nevada — but those are states, not countries. Hmmm?

  8. dk

    Douglas wins again!
    We thought the answer was only Spain and the U.S. but either way, you win!

  9. dk

    Maybe I should just give you the entire suitcase full of prizes?

  10. Oh, brother. I’m lame. Always the bridesmaid….!

  11. dk

    suki, is the Sierra Nevada in Columbia?
    If you are right, I will be happy to get you a prize too!

  12. it’s not the full name, sorry. 🙂

  13. Ohhh… two different Sierra Nevada ranges! The United States and Spain?

  14. dk

    Good Job Betsy!
    Douglas beat you!
    But keep playing!
    Love ya!

  15. What was Douglas’s HUGE prize? The killer whale? (I don’t give up easily.)

  16. I’m thoroughly enjoying Betsy’s comments today 😉

  17. Maryann

    south north America

  18. Chris Doxey

    Of course, there are two Sierra Nevada’s
    Here is the good old US & Chile!

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