Another 20 questions!

Start asking yes no questions below!
Here is what is going on.


  1. Is it something that would be commonly found inside of a building?

  2. are you animal?

  3. dk

    No not in a building.
    Yes on the animal.

  4. Killer whale? (no offense intended)

  5. are you matt mullenweg??

  6. dk

    Nope, not a killer whale.
    No offense taken B.B.

  7. Does it live on land?

  8. dk

    nope, not M and M (matt mullenweg)

  9. dk

    yes, it lives on land

  10. Is it commonly found in a zoo?

  11. is it a cat?

  12. dk

    not a cat

  13. dk

    yes, commonly found in zoos, but not in the cages. Hint, associated with a holiday.

  14. Is it a reindeer?

  15. dk

    not a reindeer

  16. Is it the easter bunny?

  17. dk

    yes Douglas The Easter Bunny!
    You Win Again!

  18. darn it, wrote the wrong sum! otherwise i had a chance!

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