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Dim Sum and Chiropractic – A perfect match!

First off, happy new year! Today is Chinese New Year! Today we went as we often do on Chinese New Year to Jasmine Dim Sum. It is a truly Hong Kong experience in San Diego. In fact it is the only place in San Diego that really feels Chinese. We got there today, and there …

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Trio Display and Design in my San Diego neighborhood

It is funny how you come across the same people over time. They say there are billions of people in the world, but I really think there are only about 20,000 because I keep running into people I know, or friends of friends everywhere I go. I recently was contacted by the webmaster who does …

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Medisoft Tech Support

So today is Saturday, and is the day to really get grooving on Medisoft for our San Diego chiropractic office. Even though I am the chiropractor, I am also the I.T. supervisor as the Comp USA guy thought 🙂 I opened up the Medisoft Manual and it was quite overwhelming with over 200 pages. I …

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My Key Staff Getting Some Lunch

My key staff have been working so hard this past few weeks preparing for the transition to the new computers and software. Our finance area is now the cleanest and most up to date it has ever been. We are all going to one of San Diego’s favorite places, Sammys Wood Fired Pizza for lunch …

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Today is the Network Day

Yesterday I bought all the cables, router, and print server to put together the network. Tonight one of my San Diego patients will be coming in after work to help me set it up. In reality he will be doing all the work, and I will be going to Starbucks! The network rolls on!

Super Bowl Neck Bend

It never ceases to amaze me how strong the human body is. It is not just strong like granite, because it is not, but the combination of strength and flexibility allows it to take a massive beating and still keep going. In the first half of the super bowl a guy gets his head bent …

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Thanks for 15 Great Years

15 years ago when I was 27 years old, I had a simple idea. To create the greatest chiropractic office I could, and to help people to become better. There was much that I did not know then, and much I still have to learn. It is now 15 years later, and that simple dream …

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Chiropractic in Africa

Just out of curiosity I googled chiropractic in Africa. In South Africa there are many white chiropractors. In the rest of Africa I could not find anything. There was one great entry about Chiropractic in Africa, which was a chiropractor who volunteered in Africa helping people. We had a woman today come in who literally …

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Australia Day Today

Today I am invited to an event with a bunch of Australians called Australia Day (San Diego). I was invited to bring the chiropractic robot, and I still need to see how sunny it is outside to decide if the screen will work. We need to get another monitor for it, so we can see …

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Important San Diego Chipotle Update

A good buddy of mine Kevin Kupper has been the second in command of the UTC San Diego Chipotle. This place is one of the their busiest stores and he has done a fantastic job. They see something crazy like 1000 people per day, and every one of them looks happy and satisfied when they …

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