Medisoft Tech Support

So today is Saturday, and is the day to really get grooving on Medisoft for our San Diego chiropractic office. Even though I am the chiropractor, I am also the I.T. supervisor as the Comp USA guy thought 🙂

I opened up the Medisoft Manual and it was quite overwhelming with over 200 pages. I was all ready to dig in. Then I did a  quick search for Medisoft 24 hour Tech support and found Tina 

She charged me a hundred bucks an hour, broken up into lots of little chunks today, and boy is she an expert. She hooked me up so she could see my computer from her computer, and while the staff and I sat and watched the screen, she took us on a tour.

I am very grateful for the help, and our chiropractic charges and bills went lickety split into the computer and out the door. Thank you Tina! We will be using your services again!


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