Breast Milk and Getting Pork (But not in the dirty sense! shame on you!)

O.K. this one borderlines on the ridiculous, and horrific at the same time. Most people are pretty uptight about breasts in this country. On the one hand we have millions of people doing long walks to raise money to cure breast cancer (where most of the money appears to go to drug research as opposed to prevention), we worship breast culture in the media from Bay Watch, to Victoria Secret, to Playboy, Movies are much more stringently protected from the eyes of youth if they have boobs in them, but if a head rolls off someones shoulders and onto the floor it is fine, and every woman and man in the country is totally in some way fixated about them.

Now with that as the background, there is a nice woman, who blogs, who has a little site about breast milk and feeding babies with it. They promote mildly controversial things such as breast feeding in public. I guess I eat in public, so probably babies have the same right too! That is not what got the legal wheels churning though. It turns out that the owner Jennifer, sells T-shirts with funny breast feeding sayings on them to raise money for breast feeding awareness and education.

One of the shirts said “The other White Milk” obviously making a joke of the phrase “The other White Meat” issued by the Pork industry. She is obviously comparing the fact that there are alternatives to giving your child cows milk, and that you can give it breast milk instead. I find this funny, and in fact it reminds me of the whole pork promotion, that truly actually got me eating more pork over the past 10 years, (the good Jew that I am).

So they actually sent her a legal notice insisting she knock off the promotion of that phrase. Like all great things on the internet a little controversy is always good for getting others to talk about what you are doing, and in as such it is probably long term a good thing for her site, and the cause she is promoting.

By the way I am a huge fan of breast feeding for children, as that is the way we are designed, and it has a huge boost for the child in terms of developing their imunity.

So good luck to you Jennifer and much love, and if necessary I will make a donation to your legal defense fund if we need one!

I only wonder what Google will think of this page when it looks at it 🙁

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  1. People should get over themselves. Breast feeding is THE best thing for babies. It is not sexual when a mother feeds her baby the way nature intended it to be done. Breasts are for the production of milk for the offspring of the species, whatever mammal it may be.
    Thank you

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