Long Nights at Work

The Medisoft intallation at our San Diego chiropractic office is going very well. It is taking a lot of time. This week Roseanna turned in more work hours in a single week, then any employee has ever turned in. I have been working around 14 hours per day, 7 days per week to get it perfect.

At the same time we are switching over the software we are also training Roseanna and Cheng Cheng on the Accounts Receivable, and training Cheng Cheng on everything. The result is nothing less than the best organized accounts recievable department I have ever seen. There are still many parts to it that I am learning for the first time, and getting organized. Hopefully by this Sunday it will be done and documented. I still have quite a bit of studying and working to do.

Patient care is still operating at a high level as always. Yesterday we heard a story about a little boy who last week got adjusted in our office, and then on the drive home exclaimed to his mother that the page he was looking at in the book looked clearer.

I will publish the full letter from the mother in our letters section next week.

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