Chiropractic in Africa

Just out of curiosity I googled chiropractic in Africa. In South Africa there are many white chiropractors. In the rest of Africa I could not find anything. There was one great entry about Chiropractic in Africa, which was a chiropractor who volunteered in Africa helping people. We had a woman today come in who literally could not stand up, and not raise her head, and after a few hours walked out erect with her head straight. It is sad that many parts of the world don’t have this simple technology. The simple truth is that if you gave me a 100 smart Tanzanians, or Eriterians of Africa, and a few months, I could teach them how to truly change their country.

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  1. who are these chrios? im in kampala and in need of one . i am suffering from Symphsis Pubic Dysfunction.

  2. I did this search too, I also set out on a BHAG = a Big Huge Audacious Goal – to take Chiropractic to any part of the world not currently served. If you take the 9 years of school we go through and get rid of all the CYA, we could train people who could bring an industry to countries without millions of dollars in drugs like the medics, but two hands, and heart to serve. More to come…

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