Yet Another Lenovo Computer

If you have been reading my posts and didn’t know better, you would think either I worked for Lenovo, or was a paid blogger. If I am a paid blogger, then I am the worst paid blogger for Lenovo in the world, because I have spent about $6,000 there in the last month! 🙂

This weekend my wifes Dell computer went on the fritz. The socket in the back no longer works when plugged into the internet, and there is also a windows issue so deep creating a problem with the wireless internet, that even the guys at Road Runner threw in the towel.

We are going to have to send it in to fix it, and I don’t think it will cost more than a few hundred or less to fix it. The problem is, that the computer and the net has become such a vital part of running a San Diego chiropractic office, the she really can’t do without her machine while it is getting fixed.

I found myself finally coming to grips with the fact that just like having a spare pare of glasses, we need to always have a spare up to date computer. I looked on Ebay, and I found that I could get a used Dell X200 laptop, a few years old, for about $375. I loved mine I had because it was so light. I could carry it all day in a backpack without even realizing I had it.

I then realized I had a friend in the business, David Churbuck, and I should call his people. The funny thing is that I feel like I have a personal relationship with this company Lenovo, which is the personal computer spinoff from IBM. I have gotten to know a few of them, including Maria Marinos, and Atkins.

David Churbuck, if you are reading this, make sure to invite Atkins out to lunch. I know you know Maria does a great job, and I want you to notice this guy too!

On the way to work I called Atkins, and left a message saying, “Hey buddy! I may need a computer pronto, something that will work with the new network if we need it, and not too expensive, and oh, by the way.. it needs to ship out to me today or tomorrow!

I get a call back 5 minnutes later, and Atkins says he has exactly what I want, and it costs around $1200 bucks with a 3 year drop and spill warranty. I said Buy It! Atkins said he had my credit card number, and all he needed was the code number off my card. Two minutes later I was off the phone, computer ordered.

That is what it is like when you buy something from a friend you can trust, and who knows you.

It’s nice to deal with a small neighborhood business 😉 Thanks Levnov, and thanks David, Maria, and Atkins! And again, I am Dr. David Klein chiropractor in San Diego, not a paid Lenovo blogger or employee!

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