Super Bowl Neck Bend

It never ceases to amaze me how strong the human body is. It is not just strong like granite, because it is not, but the combination of strength and flexibility allows it to take a massive beating and still keep going. In the first half of the super bowl a guy gets his head bent to a point where even as a chiropractor I expected him to become paralyzed, and sure enough he walks off the field. I am amazed that some people are afraid of chiropractic. The forces we as chiropractors put into peoples necks are probably a fiftyth, or a hundredth of the forces these guys take during a good super bowl hit. It is this amazing network of bones, cartridges and ligaments that allow the neck and spine to spring, and absorb massive shocks without injury. It is amazing sometimes the chiropractic patients I see that you would expect would have been killed by their auto accident or other accident, who end up with sore muscles and subluxations.

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