Chiropractic and ADHD

First off you should watch this video on ADHD and chiropractic. One of the funny things about chiropractic are the side effects 🙂 As chiropractors in my opinion, and fully within the opinion of the law, is that chiropractors can treat subluxations.Whether chiropractors are legally allowed to treat asthma, seizures, depression, irritable bowel syndrome etc. is up to the legislatures and the courts to decide.

I only treat subluxations, because that is the only thing that I know how to directly effect. You push on a stuck bone, it loosens up, you do it over and over a few times, and if you are lucky you can make a permanant improvement in the mobility of that bone compared to some other bone.

The amazing thing are the side effects. Some of the stories that patients report after this are quite remarkable. In fact if you have never been around a chiropractic office, the stories are probably unbelievable.

I have had a huge percentage of my patients report things to me after having their subluxations improved through chiropractic about their vision, mood, ability to pay attention and many other things. It is not that we are treating these diseases, or symptoms, it is just that after having their subluxations fixed, the patients noticed things on their own.

Watch the video. Make your own decisions. Be healthy!

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  1. I am at a loss for words….okay, not really. I have encountered many people who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. More than half were taking drugs their doctors, teachers, and parents forced them to take. I have even heard of elementary teachers suggesting to parents to have their kids put on such mind altering drugs, just so the kid…

  2. would be less of a disturbance in the classroom. For someone to reaffirm, in my mind, the fact that there is not anything mentally wrong with all of these children and adults is bitchin’. Thank you so much for posting this. I will be sure to pass it on.

  3. Hello,
    I just wanted to say I popped by from your link on Matt Cutts blog to your main page. Great photos and an even more interesting blog to read. Very informative and I shall be a returning visitor. Thanks TerryG

  4. Thanks TerryG,
    I love Matts blog and read it religiously. I checked out your site. Very interesting!

  5. I actually have been bringing my son to Dr. Rosen (featured in the video) since July. My son has PTSD, which can look like ADHD, and I didn’t want to put him on meds. The difference in him is phenomenal! He’s still “hyper”, but can focus more and has much more self control.

  6. My son is 9 now, and we’ve been dealing with ADHD and crazy meds for a couple years now. After realizing how much a chiropractor can help (my mom’s knees, my brother’s ankle, a friend’s vertigo) I randomly Googled ‘ADHD and Chiropractic.’ Let me tell you first hand that my 9 year old son can tell a difference (much less myself and his teacher). Apparently there is some connection between the symptoms and the 3rd spinal nodule for lack of knowing the medical term. He can “feel” in his mood when he’s out of whack again. He didn’t do well at all with meds. I seriously support chiropractic medicine, and encpourage anyone who has children with ADHD t give it a try. My doctor even offers a free initial and consultation.

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