Our Patients Speak

Please read these letters that our patients have written for you to read about their experiences.

All of these patients have given their signed permission for their letters to be posted on our website.

Surgery for Neck Pain Failed

Kaiser Treatment of Back Pain

Chiropractic is Dangerous?

Incredible Pain

Hit by a Car

Childrens Hospital Surgeon, Marcy Bothwell, Discovers Chiropractic

Chiropractic Employee, Friend, and Patient

Cynthia's Lupus Improves

Serious Ballet Dancer

Increased Range of Motion

Nicole Recovers and this UCSD Diver explodes!

Discomfort in Neck and Upper Back

A Cure Without Medication

Pamela's Strain and Pain

Heidi's Squinting and Haziness is Gone

Michelle's Car Crash Catastrophe

Megan's Glimpse of a Pain Free Life

Dear Dr. Wallace: No Medication, No Pain

Brian's Reoccuring Lower Back Injury

KG's Van Accident Injuries

Heather's Digestion Problems

Everything Improves for Andrew

Veronica's Spiritual Adjustment

Tara's Sharp Lower Back Pain

Kelley's Car Accident Upper Back Pain Vanishes

Dr. Christopher a UCSD intern M.D. straightens out his spine!

Pat Martinez gets off Imitrex and and other drugs after 41 years of Migraines

Carla's Continual Tension

Nichole Gregory Changes Chiropractors

JC Finally Sleeps after a long run with Insomnia!

Jacque didn't know she couldn't breathe!

Victoria Fights Off Her Attacker

Amy the Triathlete falls far from home

Amanda's Tendonitis

"It's Amazing!"

Amy's crazy spot and her breathing

Angel's Asthma

7 Months Pregnant!

Bare mange takk

B.P. Remembers Why He Comes

Brittany Collins

This is the best thing that ever happened to me!

Chad Sees Colors

Christine Won

A Patient Loses Weight

Darrel Brower Problem Gone

Deborah Thompson (You Have To Read This One!)

Diana McCauley

Whooshing in Ear and Dizzyness Gone!

Fractured Hip

G. Lane Gets Taller

Ton of Weights

Jaclyn Improves her Migraines

Jaime W.'s Stomach Miracle

Light as a Feather

The Biggest Skeptic

Kasey Snaps Back Fast

Kether Can Run Again!

"Load on your shoulders"

Leah overcomes her challanges!

Muy Bueno


M.A.'s one day miracle story with her low back spasms.

Matthew Engler gets help with the hurdles from chiropractic

Sharon can touch food again

Orie can smell

Hector's Rockin Temple

John Vella's Surf Injury

Fernanda's Allergies

Upper Back Pain Gone

Ashley's Running Back Pain

Sabrina's Spiritual Adjustment

Jeanne's Shoulder Pain

Cheng Cheng's Chiropractic Heaven

Kether's Chiropractic Progress

Lorie's National Guard Training Pains

Titania Can Play With Her Kids

Benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for Children

Josh's Mood Swings

Good Health and Less Stress

Jennifer's Uncomfortable Sensation

Jayna's Neck Pain, Migraines, and Her Tight Dacta

Amandine's shooting Back Pain after Chiropractic

Marla's Crippling Back

Carol's Soreness is a Thing of the Past

Dina's Boots are Made for Walking

Nika's Continual Headaches

Wahnsinn! Chiropractic

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