Victory for people who want to be healthy!

(All of the below is my humble opinion. Check the facts yourself, make your own opinions! Don’t take anything as fact until you check it yourself!)

The FDA’s apparent attempt to encourage the classification of vitamins and minerals as drugs has been squashed. It appears that 100’s of thousands of e-mails to congress shut the door on this move to inhibit the American people from access to vitamins. Although the F.D.A. and those defending them state that there is no such language in the new proposed law, experts I have read say this is just not the case. Study up for yourself with the links on this page, and make your own decision!
In fact the U.S. congress who knows more about laws than I do just passed this law to stop the adoption by the U.S. of certain Codex standards that congress appears to have thought would limit your access to vitamins and minerals in the U.S.

This is said to be a quote of the law that I received from

Sec. X08. Rule of Construction
Nothing in this title (or an amendment made by this title) shall be construed to affect–
(1) The regulation of dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement
Health and Education Act; or
(2) The adverse event reporting system for dietary supplements created
under the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act.

By the way if you want to keep track of the actual laws of the U.S.A. there is an amazing resource by Cornell University where you can read up on the law of the land, and is updated regularly. Give them a few days or weeks to get this update online.

As someone commented on one of my earlier postings asking who was “behind” my promotion of vitamins and minerals, the answer is simple.


I think a better question one might ask, is who would be behind this, and why did the proposed law seem to appear so suspiciously?

CODEX is a multi national recommendation of guidelines effecting food and nutritional supplements. It is actually was created back in the 1960’s and is updated regularly. Like most things it appears to have had a good purpose when started, to safeguard the health of the worlds population. It appears that over the decades the group may no longer just be a group with the interest of protecting the people as its main goal.

Thank you to any of our readers who helped make this possible. And don’t feel too secure, there is way too much money to be made from the regulating of vitamins as drugs. The forces behind this, whoever they are, will be back.

But we will be ready? Won’t we! – (We being the American Public!)

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