Simplicity of San Diego

San Diego is an amazing town. It is easy to live in, almost too easy. I find as a common thread in all of us a love of a simple, non pretentious, relaxing life. The best thing to do in San Diego is just being here. When we all have a break, almost all of us love nothing more than being at the beach. Just doing nothing but existing on the sand, with the ocean stretched out in front of us. I find big goals are a little less common in San Diego than in other places. Trust me, I hang with plenty of movers and shakers who really make this town and much of the country move, those in real estate, and all kinds of business, but even for them, the greatest joy is usually a game of tennis, a surfing trip, or a BBQ in the back yard. I am glad I came here. I doubt if I will ever leave. I will bet most people who start reading this blog will not even get to the end, but will instead just decide to go surf, play tennis, or maybe go for a bike ride!

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