Chiropractic and Blood Pressure

There is quite a bit of buzz on the internet right now about a study done at the University of Chicago showing that at least in their study chiropractic lowered blood pressure.

A few years ago we did an informal study at our office, where we took a few random people whose blood pressure was on the highish side, who were already patients, treated them using very simple chiropractic, and then re-checked their blood pressure immediately after the treatment. It was by no means a true scientific study, and of course they knew that chiropractic was not being done as a treatment for their blood pressure, but it was just to see what happened?
In the small sample of I believe three people, we found that almost one to one, their blood pressure dropped about 20 points on both the high and low number.

Of course (my attorney will kill me if I don’t write these things) you should see a medical doctor if you have high blood pressure, and it can be dangerous if left untreated. But if you are already going to the chiropractor, and he takes your blood pressure immediately before and immediately after he does his usual work on you, let me know what you find!

I know for myself, that I can radically lower my own blood pressure using just my mind controlling my body. It was a little trick I learned during the years I meditated (starting strangely enough around age 7 🙂 Just for the fun of it, I just lowered mine from 150 over 100 to 120 over 80 in about 4 minnutes. So if a beings mind can do it that easily, is it that hard to believe that freeing up of pressure on nerves could serve the same effect?

In the study the bone aligned was the top vertebrae, the atlas. We have long known that the atlas literally wraps around the brain stem or the top of the spinal cord. Pressure or tugging on this area in my opinion can cause any one of a multitude of problems. Chiropractors in the know have always  focused on the top vertebrae. I have made the study of adjusting that bone a top priority in my career.

If you read this book, it might make chiropractic and blood pressure make more sense.

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  1. Very interesting, had thought mine lowering was from eliminating coffee. There is an overlap date wise.

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