San Diego Chiropractic Billing Relief

Well, if you have been reading my blog, you know that I have been up until late at night almost every day getting our billing department in perfect order with Reagan leaving. We now have one of the absolute best billing departments I have ever seen in chiropractic. Making it just perfect involved consultations with attorneys, a good hundred hours plus searching for data on the internet, discussions with legal departments at insurance compananies, consultations with insurance experts, and lots and lots of late night pizzas! (By the way, thank you J.J.’s Pizza of birdrock, and Beaumonts for the hamburgers!)

It has actually been an enlightening experience, not just on finance, but also on how the insurance industry still views chiropractic.

Although many insurance companies pay for some degree of chiropractic, there still is a bias that leaves one feeling much like an ethnic mintority in a racially homongenous land. The funny thing though, is that even while chiropractic is being pushed down in subtle methods by insurance companies chiropractic is becoming ever more popular.

The patients are the force that ultimately will drive what will happen in the future. Our new improved billing deparment will be helping our patients take even more responability in their billing, and helping patient to help insurance companies pay what the patients need to restore their health.

I am proud of what we have done, and if you are one of our California chiropractic patients, you will feel the enhanced power that we are going to give you!

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