Celebrities Who Get Chiropractic

Over the years I have worked on my own handful of celebs. With the current laws I can not disclose who any of them are. We have however worked on CEO’s of some of the largest corporations of the world, actors, singers, models, and on down the line.

The people with the most access to good information, and of course the money to afford whatever they want, who aren’t bamboozled by the media make the best decisions. In fact we had a CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world fly to San Diego from Asia, and arrive in the office with a body guard posted at the back door, one at the front, and one with the car. We also had a model fly all the way from New York to get adjusted, because they just didn’t feel comfortable having any one else work on them. (They had lived in San Diego for many years.)

A lot of celebrities are chiropractic patients including our governor Arnold Schwarzeneggger, Mel Gibson, and most importantly the Go Daddy girl and playboy centerfold, Candice Michelle, who is married to a chiropractor!

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  1. While a celebrity to only a select few, we do know of a chiropractic patient who spent 28 hours getting to and from a well reputed doctor’s office for 4 adjustments, a healthy ratio.

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