Our step toward creating a chiropractic art form.

Arts and artists have never developed very much work around the field of chiropractic. If you think about it M.D.’s have had movies, television and books for as long as their field and those mediums have existed. They have stories of glowing doctors and their beutifull nurses handing over the majic spoon full of elixer at the exact last moment and the patients life being saved. This may be the truth in some rare instances, such as when an antibiotic saves the patients life. But what of the heroic stories of natural health cures? What about artistic  stories of even the simplest ones where the mother gives the child an ice bath to lower their dangerous fever, or when the dying sailor is given vitamin c to cure his life threatening scurvy.

The spine and skeleton by the way draw beautiful lines if you look at them from various directions. Why would an artist not use the beauty of the straight mobile spine and contrast it to the degenerated crooked spine?

Well to move this forward, we are having a writing contest for the best chiropractic fictional short story. You can already see one of our first excellent entrants.

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