Chiropractic and Beauty

We all love beautiful things. In fact most of us prefer to be one of those beautiful things! For most of us, (author included) we were born with very average looks. Maintaining maximum beauty (or for the dudes maximum good lookingness) then goes toward maintaining a healthfull and youthfull apearance. It is amazing how many of my patients in their 60’s and 70’s maintain the looks of people decades younger. It comes out for one in the way they stand. If your spine is mobile, you can stand up straighter. It also comes out in the way they move. If you have a mobile spine, you move fluidly, and gracefully, and can recover easily if you trip on something, or miss a step.

Finally, the most beutiful thing of all to me is a happy face. When we look at someone, we can see how they feel. If someone is pain free and full of life, we can see it. If someone is full of pain, they grimace, and even if they try to smile, we can still see the truth.

I have found through careful study of myself in the mirror, that if I have a headache or don’t have a headache literally makes a difference of about 20 years on how I look. Others I have asked have been happy to agree 🙂

So stay straight, stay strong, and stay mobile, and your beauty will fade much slower, or at least it will take longer for ugliness to set in! 🙂

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  1. Having recently attended a “Senior Fair” I was pleased to see the number of non seniors in attendance, some with their parents. When a particularly attractive female (fiftyish) wrapped me in a hug, lucky me, it was beautiful. While we exchanged pleasantries, she asked, ” How old are you”? My response, very early in the 4th quarter, usually draws a quizzical look. She allowed that I didn’t look 77. I must have been wearing someone else’s

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