Herniated Disc

Many people go to the doctor and are diagnosed with herniated or bulging discs. A herniated or bulging disc simply means the gooey center is bulging out, or sticking out a little.

Before you read the below about herniated discs make sure you understand the info in the chiropractic book.

A recent discussion with one of my patients led to the following e-mail, which I thought I would post.
The below is my theory. It is not an absolute truth, but is the best explanation of the data I have studied and observed in the thousands of patients I have treated.

Make sure to talk to your chiropractor or medical doctor before doing anything based on the info below. Again it is simply my theory.

MRI’s routinely show Herniated discs that have no symptoms attached to them.

It is almost impossible to tell if a herniated disc is causing the symptoms or not.

A free floating fragment is simply a piece of disc that broke off and is floating around. It may or may not cause symptoms. There is nothing I can do about those.

My theory on herniated discs is as follows.

The subluxation has as its basis adhesions between the facet surfaces of the two vertebrae involved. (facets are the little joints in the back of the vertebrae)

The disc between the two vertebrae has a poor blood supply.

The disc receives its nourishment through motion of the two vertebrae above and below it squishing the blood and fluids through the disc.

If there is a subluxation, this squishing can not take place.

Therefore the disc dries out, and can get cracks in it.

The center of the disc is jelly.

The jelly can start to work its way out the cracks.

That is a herniation or bulge of a disc.

The first step to fix it is to get the facet joints unstuck from each other.

This allows the fluid to get squished in from the vertebrae.

The disc then stands a chance of healing.

Then you traction the two vertebrae apart.

Those moving tables we use, do just that.

The traction creates a negative pressure in the center of the disc.

The herniation can get sucked back in.

If at the moment the herniated disc is sucked back in, I move the bones, it can re-arange the outer fibers of the disc, locking the jelly inside.

With people that have been sent to me for treatment of herniated disc, some of them have comepletely resolved their symptoms and some of them have only mild improvements. No one has ever gotten worse that I know of. Quite a few have canceled scheduled surgeries. I have some amazing stories on that one.

Dr. David Klein

6 Replies to “Herniated Disc”

  1. I have degenerative disc disease, and am looking into possible treatments for my pain and am wondering if you could help?

    Alex M

  2. Hi Alex!,
    What I feel are the key points to understanding degenerative disc disease are contained in this book on arthritis. If you have not already done so, please read the book, as I think it will help you make a good decision. What is not in the book though, is the concept that if the bones can move relative to each other, in my opinion, it pumps new fluid into the disc. If the bones are stuck above and below the disc, no nutrition or fluids go into the disc, (or very little).

    Problems like yours often respond to chiropractic. Feel free to leave more questions here, or call the office at 858-459-3132 to schedule a free, get to know the doctor appointment.

  3. I have a herniated disk. I have severe right leg pain from my buttox down to my pinky toe. It is like I have a constant cram I can’t get read of. I have had one injection that has not worked. I have been in the bed for 6 days. I can’t walk or be up for longer than 10 minutes before I begins really hurting. I have control of my bowles. Can chiropractic hle me? Daren

  4. Hi Alex,

    Can you treat a dog? Silly question, I know… but my doxie is having disc problems. They have come on suddenly and just tonight she is wobbly in the back legs. Have you ever adjusted an animal and could you help us?

    Thank you for your time

  5. Hi Molly,
    Dr. David Klein here.
    I am not a veterinarian, and so I do not treat non humans.

    I know there are chiropractors who are also veterinarians. I highly recommend that you take a look for one, and see what they think.

    Good luck to Rover!

  6. I have a herniated disc at T8 & T9 I just found out this week. The workmans comp doc says no chiropractor,is that because the ins. won’t cover it or is it because of something else? I am exploring all the research available before I start seeing this specialist.
    Thank you 4 your time
    Mrs. H.

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