Reagan’s last day!

After being at our office for 6 years Reagan is retiring.

I love her, the patients love her, the staff love her and she will be missed. Her fiance got a job he just could not refuse, so they are off to Phoenix to start their new life. She will be getting married to Blair this coming fall.

Speaking on behalf of the office, and the entire city, I would like to thank you Reagan for everything you have done for so many thousands of people in their search for better health naturally. The positive effects of what you have done, will be felt across San Diego for decades to come, and perhaps even farther.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the years of service you have given all of us. You will be missed!

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  1. Hi, Dr. Klein – I didn’t know Reagan, not even our rosy cheeked former President, but from what I heard, she is an amazing person. I’m sorry for your office’s loss, but happy for her and her fiance. I hope you find/found a great replacement and keep cracking along. All the best,


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