A great child

Today we had a little girl waiting in our San Diego Chiropractic office while her mommy was being taken care of. The little girl was playing alone, while her mommy was with one of the other staff. Cheng Cheng and I were trying to put some of the final touches on our organization of the files. The little girl was interupting our work, so I asked her if she would mind if we did our important work while she played, and if it was o.k. if we did not play with her right now?  She said that would be fine.

She played a while, and Cheng Cheng and I were calling out to each other patients names, and Cheng Cheng would ask before she typed it into the computer, how do you spell Fredrickson? Wilson? Augustus? and I would tell her. The little girl, who apparantly just learned to spell got into the act and was asking me how to spell cousin? and grandma?

I made sure to answer her questions too. It was great to see that passion to learn. How exciting it must be if you are succeeding at learning spelling to suddenly realize there is this majic code of letters that make up the words, and you can learn how it works!

It was a great moment for me, and beautiful to watch her at this magic moment of life.

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