Thank You Arnold!

The chiropractic world is abuzz with what took place yesterday in Sacremento.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, our gov has apparently kicked out some of the members of the state board of chiropractic, and replaced it with new people. One of the key members is Franco Columbo, two time Mr. Olympia, and also a fine chiropractor!

For many years the former governor of California from what I read did not appoint the required number of chiropractors to the board, even though I personally know many fine chiropractors who would have taken on the role.

Many people consider California to be THE cultural leader in the world for all of its good and bad. It is time for chiropractic in California to take on its role as the leading health care profession. It is an absolute pleasure for me to receive this news, and I welcome the new board on board. I also offer them my full support and help to do whatever it takes to improve the condition of chiropractic in our state. I love California, and I love Chiropractic!

Thanks for serving guys!

And thank you Mr. Schwarzenegger!!!

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  1. Add On..
    Some of the criticism of what Arnold did relates to his comments that the chiropractic board is there for the chiropractors. In the law it appears to state that the state board of chiropractic is there to protect the consumer. Obviously it is very important to protect consumers. One of the best ways they can do this is to have chiropractic flourishing as a profession so that more people can be served. It is interesting that none of the media other than the Sacramento Bee has picked up this story. Also, virtually everything on the internet published on this focuses on the fact that the governor made a mistake when he said the board was for the chiropractors, and also focus on the fact that the board may have made an error on whether one of their sessions was open or closed.

    None of the comments or postings on the internet even mention the fact that that having good chiropractors on the board which love chiropractic is good for the industry and good for the public of California.

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