Upsurge of Chiropractic in Wales

I read an interesting article about chiropractic in Whales on the BBC website. Traditionally in the British Isles there we people called Bone Setters. They were a very crude, yet very helpful profession for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is coming back around again the area of Whales with a chiropractic training center, and a tripling of chiropractors in recent years.

The demand is strong, as people are getting great results. Chiropractic has for a long time been an American secret, but all around the world it is taking off. Many people around the world have become discouraged with the so called miracles of modern medicine, and are realizing that many drugs make you worse in the long term, even if you feel better in the short run. Whenever I say things like this I also have to add that I am not giving drug advice, but simply reporting what I have heard others say as chiropractors in California are not allowed to give advice on drugs.

Almost every country in the world now has chiropractors, and once they start in a country, their numbers grow and grow. The concept that if you loosen bones in the spine, then the nerves are less pinched, and the messages travel from one part of the body better to improve function is simple and powerful. I have seen things take place as a result of this that can be best described as miracles.

So congratulations to Whales on having a chiropractic training facility, and to the people for having better access to higher quality health care!

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  1. I think chiropractic for whales is great they are intelligent creatures and need good health care too.

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