The Vitamins I take

My wife suggested that I blog about the vitamins I take. They are called Chewable Adult Multi, from Country Life. The funny thing is that I have tried many different brands and different types and these do something amazing for me.

If I take them just before I go to sleep, I sleep much deeper, and wake up feeling much better. By the way I have no affiliation with this company and they don’t even know I am writing this.

At least once per month, someone in San Diego tries to get me on their newest Vitamins, and it usually is part of an MLM, something that I have never had an interest in. I have nothing against MLM’s, it is just that I really like to focus on being the best chiropractor in San Diego. These vitamins also are good for me because they do not have anything artificial in them, and they are very broad spectrum in what they have in them.

I have tried taking Vitamins that were much more expensive, but for some reason I always sleep best, and wake up feeling the most healed after these ones. I also do not like to swallow pills, and these ones are chewable. They sell them in all of the Whole Foods in San Diego. Ask your doctor before you take them.

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