I bought the computers

I called today and spent a half hour on the phone with Atkins at Lenovo. They take such good care of me over there now that I feel like a real VIP. As always I was thrilled with the experience. Maria Marinos, referred me to Atkins as one of her top sales guys. He said he has been working for IBM for I think, 6 years. Then when they become Lenovo he went with the rest of the team.

I created the computer on the site in San Diego, while Atkins followed along on his computer. We were both able to see the price as we go along. The site is easy to use, the cost at the end was absurdly low for two top of the line computers and I got the high end 3 year warranty at the end. Atkins was amazingly knowledgeable. He steered me away from high cost money wasters, and pointed me to many small things that will make a huge difference.
We ended up on using a duo processor on both machines. The computer I am using as a server is 1.5 GB ram, and way over 250 GB on the hard drive. I did this so I would have plenty of room for the future for scanning documents. I figured the 120,000 or so documents I have so far, will take up around 40 GB or hard drive space. This was a very rough estimate. We are using a regular 1000 dollar computer for the server.

The client will simply be a laptop with a gig of ram, and a sixty gig hard drive. We decided to use DVD’s for the backup system. I will try it and see how it goes.

So thanks to David Churbuck for the great introduction to his crew. I am a happy customer who just came back for two more. Thanks to David, Maria, and Atkins.

By the way David, Atkins did not know who you were so I pointed him to your blog to learn who his bosses boss is.

Maria, thank you again for incredible customer service. Your team is well trained and top notch. It is great how quickly you guys take care of me!

By the way, the two computers came to about 2500 bucks total, for both of them. Such a deal!

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