Put a little Algae in your body

Almst every morning I have a glass of a green drink called Alive. It has just about every vitamin and mineral known to man, but the reason I drink it is because of teh algae in it.

Being in a chiropractor in San Diego as long as I have, I have come to one conclusion. Our bodies  seem to run best if we can match the lifestyle we had 20,000 years ago. What would life have been like? We would have had to have been running a lot, from things and after things. We would have climbed trees to get food, lifted big hunks of all kinds of things, and we would have had to drink.

Now I like to drink from the clean mountain stream as much as the next guy, but in all my years of hiking, and watching nature shows, how often is the water source they drink from, or you find on the trail, a clear bubling brook with nothing inside? It almost always has algae in it.

Algae is simply a plant made of one cell that lives together in big groups. It turns sunlight and minerals into energy. Because there may be other junk in pond water, I would suggest skipping drinking it unless you are a water quality expert, but the cool thing is you can buy fresh healthy algae in a bottle.

Whole Foods market who has been so good to me here in San Diego, (They opened two chiropractic and massage centers for me in their stores when they first came to town), sells algae in many forms. I buy this powder stuff Alive because it is fast and stores well. I also buy algae drinks made by Naked Juice and other fresh juice companies.

Drinking algae just gives me the feeling like I am putting something in my body that it has been missing. Chiropractic is not a cure all, although sometimes chiropractic patients, and chiropractors feel like it is, so you also need to support your body in other ways. So three cheers for goopy green healthy algae!

Just make sure you drink the algae out of a bottle from a reputable company, and not out of your back yard, or some pond down the street! I have no experience with drinking wild algae, so consult an expert first.

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  1. Just came across your comments on Alive. I currently am taking algae in the form of Sun Chlorella – 15 tiny tablets 200 mg each) a day. I am in my 4th month and I wish I could say that I notice some improvements in my health. So far I see no changes. I plan to stick with it for 6 months and see how I feel then. Maybe I will give Alive a chance at that point.

  2. Hey JNorreen,
    I think one of the difficulties we as a society have is that we judge our health based on what we feel. The problem is that some things, such as slamming your toe into a chair can be very painful, but are not that important.

    On the other hand, we can have severe cancer sometimes without ever feeling anything wrong.

    I try to use science in my quest for health instead of how I feel, although it is great to feel great!

    Keep studying and feel free to ask me any questions.

  3. Hi i would like to buy algoe drinks or plants I have heard that they are very good for the skin but i dont know where to buy it could you help me to find it?

  4. I leave a glass of water on my nightstand and sometimes don’t clean it out very often. Today I noticed the bottom had a green cast to it. I drank it anyway bc how bad could it be, right? This was several hours ago and I’m still alive.

  5. Algae they say is got toxins in it.
    and today you don’t see Blue Green Algae on the shelf, they took it off.

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