Chiropractic Flexibility to Handle Emergencies

We saw a new movie today with Dick Van Dike. If you were born after 1970 you may not know who he was. He was, and still is a brilliant comedian. He was famous for walking into a room at the beginning of his show, and tripping over the foot rest, and tumbling. In the movie I saw, he must of been 80 years old. I do not know for sure that he has been to a chiropractor, but after looking at him at 80 years old, I am guessing he must have.

His ability to move and be flexible was unbelievable. He could dance as if he was 19 years old, minus some of the strength.

Now dancing is sure fun at 80, but there are other reasons to use chiropractic to increase your flexibility. How many times in your life did you “almost” get in an accident, only to lean, twist, leap, or stretch out of the way at the last second. Even driving, if someone suddenly turns into you, if you are chiropractically mobile, in your shoulders, neck, spine you can turn the wheel quickly and far enough to get out of the way.

Many times that I have seen actual accidents take place, such as when I was life guarding, or just going through life, there was usually a split second between when the person realized something was about to happen, and when it did happen. It is my opinion that if a person has recieved adequate chiropractic, then his nervous system will probably react better, and for sure he will be able to move easier, and more freely to get out of the way.

We made it through our trip, 1700 miles, through desert, mountains, ocean and everything in between, and neither of us got as much as a scratch. I am grateful to all of the powers that be for this, but I also know that it is because we are relatively agile, and strong for our ages. I hope you see your chiropractor this year, and stay strong, and work hard to help others to accomplish the same.

Happy chiropractic New Year, from your San Diego chiropractor.

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