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We had a great experience today at the office regarding our website, and its comunication with the world. We had an amazing new patient come in today. I would love to tell about her in detail, but she might sue me 😉

She had gone to a chiropractor in the bay area who had used a chiropractic adjusting tool on her. There are many kinds of chiropractic tools, but very few chiropractic adjusting tools. The one that had been used on her was an activator. I have had an activator adjusting tool for the past 15 years.

She did some searching, and what she found was our page on CAM our chiropractic robot. So on finding CAM, our chiropractic adjusting tool, she then found the rest of our site, and realized how fun and good we were at what we do, and decided to come in.

I have spent a lot of time on my website, and write it so that my dream patients will find us. Our dream patients by the way are happy, positive, caring, hard working people, who want to get healthier. We accept variations on the above, but the above are my favorite people in the world! So to have someone find me after searching for a chiropractic adjusting tool made me thrilled.

So, thank you google for finding our site, and thank you smart happy patient for searching and finding us.

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  1. Hi! I saw you mentioned in Matt Cutts talks from last year (I think)? I just wanted to drop a line and wanted to tell you that you have a great site and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. I’ll keep tuning into your blog!


    Aaron Wood

  2. Hello. I wonder if you could help me. I attended one the Activator seminars some years ago, and I found it very enjoyable. It made a lot of sense, and I liked the idea of having a way of arriving at the “big picture” of a patient’s condition, not just “shotgunning it.” I am semi-retired now, and see only an occasional patient. A fellow who I was living with a couple of years ago stole my Activator instrument, and–being on disability–my budget is very tight. There is no way I can afford the retail price for replacement. I wonder if you have some reconditioned ones…or have some other answer to my problem. * A patient I am currently seeing has a spine something like set concrete, and having an Activator adjusting instrument could certainly be a blessing to both me, and my patient.

    I advance, I will thank you.

    –Thomas C. Halle, D.C.
    Los Angeles, Calif.

    * One idea would be a doctor willing to part with his “backup” instrument for a trade. I have writing and editing experience (I often catch errors in the Press, and in professional journals), as well as some unusual items, such as a brand new set of high power Radio Shack “walkie-talkie” CB radios (TRC-222) with excellent features, and, a better than stock antenna (range about twenty miles)**; an English police organization bugle with colorful trim (unusual):, a scientific balance…

    **I’ve seen these–used–on eBay for $80 each.

  3. Hey Drs. & Staff – What a nice website to post positive comments about your patients, (“dream patients” even!) & reach out to all the world thru the internet cyberspace with uplifting comments about health, rather than saying people are generally complaining, big hypochondriac whiners. It’s great that a doctor can be happy & excited about patients coming to his medical practice or following the health recommendations he has advised (algae) & expressing his enthusiasm & gratitude on the world wide web.

    I just had my first chiropractic experience for a pinched nerve at the base of my neck & the top of my back on my left side. It was not very positive or happy & I just wanted to ask a question from a professional in that medical field.

    To set the stage for understanding my question, let me describe the following scenario. First, the chiropractor showed me a short introductory video about chiropractic therapy, “chiro” meaning hands on with gentle massaging & kneading of the affected problem area. Then the chiropractor lined me up face down on the third table (which had an open space down the middle of the table for my face) with two other patients awaiting treatment before me on the first two tables. He spent three to five minutes max with each of the two patients before me, running his rapid firing (reciprocating 30 impacts per second) chiropractic tapper (adjusting tool) down their backs & across their shoulders. There was no “hands on” massaging on either patient but only the high powered nail gun, I mean air gun tapper.

    I thought these patients must be regulars just stopping by for a quick adjustment & surely my first treatment would be different than theirs for my pinched nerve in my neck. My treatment was different than the other patients in that after the chiropractor ran the tapper over my back & shoulders on the table, I stood up & he ran his tapper on the back of my skull for three to four taps. When I commented to him that was pretty painful on my skull, he said, “Oh, you have TMJ problems also,” & reached out & tapped my jaw joint before I could even stop him. This was Thursday afternoon & I have had a throbbing migraine with nausea (& once vomitting) the entire weekend & now it is 4:30 pm Monday. Obviously, I cancelled my Monday morning apt. to “check back” with him & told the assistant what the problem was.

    My question is for my own knowledge & not to sue anybody, but is that a normal procedure to use the chiropractic adjusting tool on the back of a patient’s skull? It seems that would be more severe than the “shaken baby syndrome” because of such a high powered air blast at such a close range. Obviously since this was behind my back, I do not know whether he adjusted the impact pressure down or not from my back to my skull, but it didn’t feel any different to me.

    Currently, I still have a dull migraine; some nausea; slightly less but still present neck pain from the pinched nerve; (maybe that’s just because I have other pain at multiple sites to focus on now,) lower back pain on the inside of my hip bones at the sacrum & my spine feels bruised like I’ve been run over by a street paver.

    Sorry to complain but I just need some answers. Any advice, answers or suggestions other than not to go back would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Carol Kees

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