Woke up with a headache

I woke up with a headache this morning. I still get headaches about once a month or so. They are nothing like they used to be. It still amazes me though how a small amount of pain, can absolutely destroy the day. Sure you can still pick up the groceries, or take the garbage out, and do all of the repetitive tasks you normally do, but can you really be imaginative? Can you really listen? Do you really care?

When people have pain, I find that they lose probably 90 percent of who they are. The pain becomes their defining factor.

For me to really listen to my patients, to truly deeply care the way we are famous for, I need to feel top notch. This means happy and pain free.

Well as I have great connections, and always have my little chiropractic robot CAM with me. (Computerized Adjusting Machine), I was able to get worked on this morning with it. It adjusted my fifth bone down in my neck very gently around 300 times.

Then when I stood up, I leaned my head to the left, and craaaack…. my neck made a big noise, and then I felt perfect. I took a quick jacuzzi just to polish the whole thing off, and now I am off to work in San Diego. I love chiropractic. It is simple and works!

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