Chiropractic and Laptop Back

Yesterday while working away in San Diego, I was bent over my laptop for about 8 hours. With laptops, we often work at heights that are not ideal, causing us to bend over and be like that for many hours. Well, I pushed it too far. My back started to hurt, and then my stomach started to hurt as a result of my back. The nerves from the low and middle back control your stomach. The pain got fairly bad, but not too intense. Luckily I have good connections and was able to get some good chiropractic at 3:00 A.M.

Amazingly within a few minutes the pain in my back subsided, and the pain and cramping in my stomach went away. After almost 20 years around this chiropractic stuff, it still amazes me that it works the way it does. Today I was talking to a friend of mine who is one of the worlds leading experts on oysters and pearls, and we were talking about a mutual friend who just had her allergies go away that she had suffered with for years.

We were discussing how if it was an oyster or some other animal and there was pressure on a part of it, of course that part would not work and perhaps some other part near it. When it comes to humans, we find it somehow remarkable that the nerves control all of the parts, and that by using chiropractic to simply remove the pressure, that the part will work again.

It still amazes me after all of these years. It is so much fun. Too bad oysters don’t have spines!

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