The value of life

I spoke to someone today who had lost an awful lot this past year. More than most of us would lose in a decade. I also saw a movie this weekend, Blood Diamond about the loss of an entire culture. It made me think about what I was willing to lose, and what I wouldn’t. It is funny, when you really get down to it, the one thing I don’t want to lose is my health, or the health of those I care about.

To protect the health of someone you love what would you be willing to give up? Your money, your home, willing to go hungry for a year? I think about the people in the most impoverished parts of the world. I just saw a friend of mine who used to be in charge of the Peace Core, and he gave me a quick update on the status of some of the rougher places on the planet. What is the suffering like there? What is it like compared to the suffering of those around me?

The more I think about it, the hardest loss is the loss of health of those we care about it. I would gladly go without food for as long as necessary to protect those I love. I would even do it to save those I had never met. So I guess going hungry is not the worst thing in itself, until it gets to the point where it jeopardizes your life.

Let’s all put our energies forward in the upcoming years to knocking off all this war business. As a culture we have all become too close, and too advanced to continue any of it. Let’s take the power away from the bullies, no matter what their color or religion.

I have so many friends of so many languages, cultures, countries and religions who are fine, good, loving hard working people. Let’s just knock off this war stuff, and let people get on with just basic living. A little farming, a little manufacturing, and a little bit of helping each other out.

Merry Christmas From our San Diego Chiropractic office – A few days early

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