Loosening your Bones By Walking

We just got into Las Vegas last night at around 2:00 a.m. We drove like crazy in a rented Range Rover while ours is getting fixed. Even in a luxury car like that, and after hitting no traffic, my spine, and my wife’s got a little stuck here and there. We walked over to the Wynn for Dim Sum at Red 8, a fantastic restaurant’s. The funny thing is how powerful walking is. One thing is for sure, our bodies like to walk. Chiropractic has at its most basic purpose to unstick bones. Holding your bones still is the surest way to get them stuck. If you are also tired, then it seems to make it worse.

I would have loved to have had a chiropractor work on me this morning, but being in a town that is not San Diego, I did not know where to go. We only walked about a mile and a half round trip, but it is amazing how loose my joints got just from that.

It leads me back to what I always tell patients about chiropractic back at our San Diego office. There are many safe ways to get your bones unstuck yourself (Ask a good chiropractor how, and what is safe and what is not.) and the purpose of a chiropractor is to unstick the bones you can not safely unstick yourself. Want a safe way to get lots of your stuck bones unstuck? Go for a walk!

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