How to Take a Picture of What is On Your Screen

I am sure you have been in the position where you needed to take a shot of what is on your screen. I needed to just do it to send it to a programmer doing work for me.

It also can be used if you are using tech support or just see something cool you want to show someone. Just look on your screen and find the button that says Print Screen or PrtSc in my case and hit that button.

You can then go into Microsoft Word, or any image editing program and press the Ctrl V keys and it will paste the picture in.

Super Cool tip I learned and I thought I would pass it on.


  1. Shaneka Seay

    Nice! If you have multiple windows open but just want to paste a picture of one specific window (not your entire desktop), then you would:

    1. Click on the particular window to make it active.
    2. Press the “Alt” and “print screen” buttons simultaneously.
    3. Open a new document in Microsoft Word or Paint. Press the “Control” and “Letter V” buttons simultaneously (or use the edit menu, select paste).

    Whala! Way nice! You now have a picture of exactly what you need—or want!

  2. dk

    I like it Shaneka! I will try that, thanks!

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