Vitamins and how the FDA may still be trying to limit your access

Again, I am not an expert on this subject, but want to make sure everyone who reads this blog takes action. In fact, I don’t even sell vitamins in my practice as many chiropractors do.
I thought the battle with the FDA regarding their possible restriction of access to vitamins was won, I guess I was wrong.

The summary of what is happening is as follows. I am not an expert on the subject but want to draw your attention to what may be one of the biggest health threats in the U.S. so far this decade. You can read my previous blog about the vitamin FDA issue for more data on what happened.
My understanding is (a quick summary) that there was an international conference from a group called CODEX to come up with food and supplement advice for the countries of the world. There included in it proposed guidance for the countries to put in their laws that if interpreted by legal bodies who were anti natural health, that all vitamins, minerals and other supplements would be considered drugs if used to treat a specific condition.

It appeared that hundreds of thousands of e-mails to the F.D.A. and congress caused a law to be passed that stopped the FDA from adopting these regulations. It now appears that the law did not contain the language needed to stop the FDA on this.

If you just want to send an e-mail to the FDA on the subject and tell them to do nothing to restrict your access to vitamins, then go here to sign a petition or get an e-mail sent to the FDA.

So if you want to be more informed read the data my previous posting on the FDA and vitamins, and the pages it links to,  then read more info on the FDA timeline here.

Study up on this issue and make your own decisions, don’t take my word on it! 🙂

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