Who won’t benifit from chiropractic care?

I spend a lot of time writing and speaking about the benefits of chiropractic care to a point where people start to think I believe it will fix anything.

First off, chiropractic never fixed anything except a stuck bone. In my opinion, a chiropractic adjustment can do one thing and only one thing, unstick a stuck bone, get it moving, release the adhesions holding it in place, mobilize it, all meaning the same thing.

I consider myself to be a body mechanic of a specialized part of the body. If you take your car in to a good mechanic, and they hear a squeek under the hood, they won’t just go in and spray lubricant on the squeek, which 9 times out of 10 will get rid of a squeek temporarily. They will look for what is causing the squeak. So maybe they see the belt is slipping, but why is the belt slipping? Perhaps they see the pulley the belt is attatched to is wobling. Now they won’t just replace the pulley, but will dig deeper. Then they find the bearings are worn, they are 20 year old bearings, and are just plain worn, with no other cause than lots of use, so they will replace the bearings.

In taking care of bodies it is the same thing. You see a guy with abdominal pain. But why? Is it because he has an ulcer?, appendicitis?, gas? or too much acid? A crappy doctor will stop with that and just give them the treatment for the obvious condition (which might be necessary if the problem is dangerous), but a really good doctor will not stop there, he will dig deeper, and find out what is causing the problem in the first place. Is it the patients diet? Lack of exercise? Poor nerve signals to that area? Stress? Some toxic thing he is putting into his body?

A good doctor will dig and find the root cause. So who won’t benefit from chiropractic care? The person whose root cause is not a stuck bone. Before someone can make a final answer on this, I think they need to understand the info in these chiropractic books. Some people might argue with some of the finer details of these books, but the root core in my opinion is true. Read them for yourself and decide if chiropractic might help your problem.

As always, the above is my opinion, ask a good doctor before taking action, and leave a comment below so I can hear what you think, even if you disagree!

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