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I know that a lot of people see our site when reading about Lenovo, so I thought I would give a quick update. Yesterday we had a little glitch, as computers do, and we put a call in. Today we got a call, and they had a tech guy ready to come out and service us today. I think 24 hours is a pretty good response time! I like being treated like a V.I.P.
Thanks David Churbuck, and thanks Lenovo.

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  1. Thank you David for the positive feedback. I am a Product Marketing Project Manager based in Beijing, China. We have recently established a Center of Excellence to use metrics to improve our service and performance worldwide. It sounds like the investment is working. All of us here at Lenovo wish you success in your practice and hope that our products and support continue to solve your ‘IT pain points’ and meet your needs. Daily I research customer service stories so that we can benchmark our performance. I found your blog through customersarealways (dot) com. Best Wishes -Cory

  2. Thanks Cory! I have really enjoyed my experiences with Lenovo. Like any company, they are never perfect. What I have been thrilled with though is the eagerness to correct problems when they do occur. Cory if you get this, are you from China, or from the U.S. working there?

    Great to have a comment from China!

  3. Which Lenovo phone number are you using? I used all the numbers in their website and got a wait of 30-40 minutes before I hung up. I have called 4 different numbers 12 differenct times 3 different days. Can you pass them on to me. Thanks

  4. Lenovo provides the worst customer experience I’ve had in a long time. Endless wait times on hold, multiple emails sent, not a single resolution. What has happened to this company? Does anyone still work the phones at Lenovo?

  5. Hello Sam and James, your poor experiences have been included in a letter that will be sent directly to our CEO by Sept 13. The CEO has been known to circulate letters of praise and also letters that show we need to improve. Please write your contact information to [email protected] and I will seek out the proper Lenovo Service Rep in the U.S. to meet your needs. I am an American from Sunnyvale, CA who has been employed with Lenovo China in Beijing since 2005. As a new breed of multinational, our organization cannot have geographic walls when addressing customer service issues. Customer satisfaction is an E-2-E global team effort. Apologies for your lost time and hope we can provide a resolution that exceeds your expectations.

    Best Wishes, Cory

  6. Cory,
    Thanks for your response. I have been surprised by how many people read my blogs about Lenovo. I stand behind the company, and am concerned when people are not as satisfied as I am.

    It thrills me that you are monitoring my blog and responding to my readers.


  7. You were lucky with Lenovo. I have never experienced such poor service and I’m trying to give them money.
    Here’s a copy of a letter I am trying to send them. So far they are bouncing it back.

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I understand you are in the business of selling computers, although your behavior so far suggests otherwise. On August 20, Sally Lasker ordered three laptop computers. I have been ordering on line using this shipping address and a separate billing address for at least ten years. No vendor before you has ever demanded that I add my shipping address to the credit card file. . I am assured by the JP Morgan Private Bank, the originator of the card, that adding the address was not only unnecessary, but most likely is counterproductive should there be an information theft. However, because we actually wanted to buy your computers, we complied and added the address, which we will remove when we are finished dealing with you — that moment may arrive shortly if you don’t tell us you are going to send us the products we ordered more than three weeks ago.

    You had promised to ship the computers on September 7. It’s ironic that you are a computer manufacturer, because your customer service seems to be based in some other century. I literally cannot recall another occasion in which a manufacturer has not been able to ship a product in less time than you originally promised. But even that wasn’t enough. On September 7, you told us that you needed still more time to deliver. How much? Another day or two. Well according to you, somewhere between one day and thirty days. That’s quite a wide range. Even the phone company will tell you whether they are going to come in the morning or afternoon.

    Yesterday when Sally Lasker talked to someone at what you jokingly call customer service, she was made to feel that we were being pretty unreasonable to expect you to deliver your very expensive product any time in the near future. You are, perhaps, unaware that other companies sell laptop computers and, all kidding aside, we will be contacting one of them very soon if you cannot promise to deliver what we ordered in the very near future.

    If, as I expect, I receive no response to this email, Sally Lasker will risk the wrath of your alleged customer service representative this afternoon. If she gets the same treatment that she received yesterday, we will cancel the order.

    We really did want to buy not one, but three of your computers. It’s too bad you are not interested in selling them.


    William Graham

  8. I too was ready and willing to purchase a mid-priced Lenovo laptop for the law office, and I received a ridiculous e-mail asking me to add my shipping address to my bankcard, and instructing me to call a certain 800 number immediately in order to prevent my order from being cancelled. When I called the “emergency” number, I got a message saying that due to call volume no one could answer at this time, but if I would leave a message, the first available person would call me right back. Unfortunately, no one called me back. After two hours of waiting, I called the number again and again got the machine, so I called the 1800thinkpad number and got a rep who said that he was sorry but, “a lot of people have been complaining that no one is picking up at the emergency number line but that he can take care of me right away.” Several calls later, the problem persisted and my gut instict told me that this is a company that has its head up its (edit by dk) and that I would be asking for trouble by doing business with them, so I cancelled my order. After reading this blog, I sure am glad that I listened to my instinct. I have had nothing but great experiences with the two Dell Optiplexes that I have purchased, and i think that I will give them my law office’s laptop business as well.


  9. Hi,
    My name is Andy Keller. I have spent the past couple weeks battling back and forth with Lenovo Customer Service. I am at my wits end, so I searched and came across this blog. My problem is: I ordered 2 computers from lenovo. 2 days after the order was placed, I received an email saying the billing info was incorrect and if I didn’t respond in 5 days, my order ran the risk of cancellation. I responded immediately, first trying to call the number provided on the email, with no one ever answering, and secondly with a response email, which begged them to call me or email me back. I waited 6 days, trying to call a couple more times, and then placed another order, figuring that since I never provided the correct billing info, my original order would be cancelled. A week after I had emailed them asking for return contact so I could give them the information, I receive another email, again asking for the correct billing info. I responded saying I had tried to contact them with no success, so I had already order 2 more computers, and to please cancel the first order. The next day, my second order arrived at my door, and I figured everything was squared away. 2 days later, Lenovo emails saying the received my email and the first order was “complete”. I immediately responded stating my case and how I had already received computers and I repeatedly asked for the first order to be cancelled, and also how I never supplied the correct billing information, so it should be impossible for the order to be complete. I waited a week for a response. Exactly 1 week later, the 2 computers I ordered 25 days earlier, appeared at my door. Now for some reason, they tell me I owe a 15% restocking fee if I want to return them, which I do, of-course, since I tried to cancel the order well before it was complete or shipped. After calling and stating my case on Oct 3rd, I was told a Supervisor would contact me back within 48 hrs. I informed them I would be leaving the country for a week in 72hrs, and they said I would be contacted before then. I carried my information and phone with me for the next 48 hrs and never received a call. I went to Mexico. When I returned I found a voicemail from the supervisor asking me to contact her back as soon as possible. I called immediately and left a message with my name number and info. I called again the next 2 days and did the same. I never got a response. So on Wednesday, Oct 17th, I called the regular customer service line and asked what I should do. The rep informed me that it was now past my 21 day return timeframe, and he would have to get clearance. I said it was Lenovo’s fault, because I tried to settle this 12 days earlier and the Supervisor failed to contact me in time. Now I am sitting here, waiting again, for some kind of phone call.

    Please help! What should I do?! I have tried as hard as I could to both cancel the order before it went through, and return it within the time frame. Now I’m stuck with 2 unopened computers.

    I appreciate your time,
    Thanks again, very much, for your time.


  10. Hey Guys,
    I am sorry you had bad experiences. After tons of research I decided to use IBM to order my new laptop. I had such bad experiences with customer service. The funny thing is that if I have to spend too many hours on hold trying to get my computer fixed it ends up costing as much as a new computer. I have gotten to a point where if someone would sell a computer for twice the normal cost, but would provide instant customer service to get things handled, I would take them up on it.

    I am going to e-mail my buddy who is a V.P. at Lenovo and ask him to take a look at this thread and leave some advice. I still have faith in Lenovo, but I feel your pain.

  11. Andy,

    Sorry for your troubles. If your issue is still outstanding, please send me an email at [email protected] along with your order number, the one that starts with 2Cxxxx.
    I’ll try to help get this resolved for you.

    To others, sorry that we have let you down. If you still have troubles, and are checking this thread, send me an email, and I’ll try to lend a hand.

  12. Mark,

    Thanks so much for dropping by. I really believe in Lenovo and am well taken care of myself.

    I appreciate you keeping an open ear to my readers and helping them out too. Everyone, please keep me posted how things turn out.


  13. Lenovo is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I receive my computer almost 2 weeks after it was ordered (eating up the initial 14 days of Lenovo’s ridiculous “return policy”) and after I have been using it for a very short time, I notice the hinge that attaches the screen to the frame, the magnesium metal block, is bent, causing the peg that goes into the screen to separate the plastic from the casing. It looks like someone at the factory dropped it or something! Of course this was noticed by me after the 21 days from invoice and they don’t want to help me. I have talked to numerous rude and unhelpful Indians, one telling me I need to talk to a manager during business hours and when I call back to do that, she REFUSES to let me speak to one because it’s after 21 days. They are rudest most unhelpful people I have ever dealt with. I receive a defective product right out of the box and they are unwavering in their horrible return policy. I would never recommend Lenovo to anyone and I will go out of my way to make sure people avoid Lenovo like the plague. I thought Apple was bad, but Lenovo is WORSE. I am so upset at how I’ve been treated by this company that it is beyond comprehension.

  14. Hi Guys,

    I ordered an X61 tablet from IBM epp site. I am an employee. Guess what thing worked out fine, I was elated though there was a delay of a month due to a DVD drive, the order came in parts. Then trying to get hold of the Turbo memory I ordered in a XP table OS, I found out XP doesn’t support TBM.
    I actually selected that option after a lot of thought and weighing between WWAN and TBM. I went for TBM thinking that atleast it would provide a better performance and I can always get an external slim card. I tried to find out if Vista will work, used another drive to check if it works it did. But the big bad situation is the rescue recovery and Thinkvantage doesn’t work with a normal Vista upgrade as my service partition is still for XP tablet. After trying repeatedly to get a proper Rescue recovery setup done it didn’t work. It won’t work if the service partition doesn’t have Vista. Unless, I eliminate the service partition all together. Even then I am prone to carrying some form of extra media for recovery.
    Being at the job, technical work for IBM and constantly moving, I end up crashing or very badly corrupting the system in couple of months, requiring a constant OS imaging every 2-3 month. Since I am always on the go it is hard to get deskside support for OS imaging. Since officially IBM hasn’t adopted XP as internal OS choice, I cannot really use Vista for policy reasons. I am stuck with a hardware that I cannot use. My first reaction was to find out if the tablet can be upgraded to WWAN to utilize the slot. Seems they would have to replace my LCD and pay for the whole new LCD, though the actual requirement is replacement of 2 parts costing less than $200 as per the repair manual.
    Normal tablet systems are offered with Vista Business at $0 extra. I actually paid $20 and as an option to get the XP tablet version, but during my selection there were no details in the website telling me that a hardware I am buying is absolutely useless with XP. There should have been a compatibility alert provided. If it did I would have gotten the WWAN instead of the TBM. I am now stuck with an option that I cannot use or let go off. Lenovo doesn’t build in the WWAN antenna in the non WWAN tablets. That’s another info that is also not provided. Mostly any internal slots are considered for upgrades and future updates mostly in any other laptop brand, but due to this Lenovo restricts everything. Actual fact it is just $100 more if they put in the antenna and fixtures to support future upgrades to WWAN. But the way these laptops are built it’s almost a restriction.
    Seems due to issues with Vista Microsoft is allowing people to downgrade to a lower version, basically to XP. And Lenovo is providing XP recovery CD to people with Vista installs to do that. But they won’t provide me with a recovery disc even when I am ready to update my OS to Vista ultimate thru them.
    The simplest solution is to provide me a Vista Ultimate recovery CD. It gives me an option to use the laptop without a lot of hassle in the future. Plus I am not asking for that free, I am ready to pay the upgrade. If I would have bought it with the system it would cost me $40 more dollars.
    It seems almost like getting cheated out of option due to uninformed decisions.
    I had already spent more than 10 hrs on phone, but seem logic is nonexistent in customer services. Plus you get ping ponged between EPP sales and tech support. Everyone has issues, that they cannot resolve. And all powerful supervisors are missing during the Christmas vacation. Not sure how they get so much vacation time, since I am working, and being part of the parent company.
    I am out of my wits. I want to work out a solution but seem no one is ready to help. Lastly, I was offered for a refund of the TBM cost ($50), but how that helps now. I am stuck with a laptop with an option that I cannot use immediately. And if I upgrade I will have issues with recovery options in Vista. What is the point of these idiotic options if they are not well informed or well defined.
    Need some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone there who is more logical.

    Appreciate anyone who can help.

  15. It is amazing to me the difference in customer service that different people get. I am sure the Lenovo customer service people will send their sympathies. If anyone can give us some insight into why some of these folks have such difficulties. Lenovo guys?

  16. Amitava,
    Your comment is a little too technical for me to follow. I will say that at Webmaster World where I tend to hang out and post, more than one person has suggested staying with XP and not upgrading to Vista. I will hold out as long as possible. If it is any consolation while at Pubcon internet conferance in Vegas earlier this month I got invited to a Microsoft Party at the Ghost Bar on the top floor of the Palms. I got to eat sushi and drinks paid for by Microsoft. I figured it was partial payment for all the hours I had spent fighting Microsoft installed items that were put in to change my behavior, and not just to improve performance.

  17. I can sympathize with the unsatisfied Lenovo customers. I own a T61 myself. After a few weeks of using it I noticed that there was minor defect with the ‘T’ key of the keyboard -ie it doesn’t register when pressed at certain angles. I have to retype this letter often when I’m writing. I consulted the service center (I am in the Philippines) hoping that they could do something about it. They said they couldn’t replace the keyboard. They reasoned that it was functioning so there’s no need for a replacement. The staff I was talking to said I should just press the ‘T’ harder when I’m typing (this really irritated me). I’ve read that some customers who encountered this similar problem were sent a new keyboard. Anyone here know how I could file a complaint?

  18. Wow, this is all pretty scary and so similar to my current situation…
    I own an X32 (from IBM) and figured I would upgrade to a T61p – my X32 is getting old…
    I ordered at the end of January and the computer was shipped 2 days later. I have to admit right there I got suspicious: I know manufacturing can be/is usually faster than estimated, but 2 days instead of 15 seemed quite fast. Was this a system that was sitting around?
    Anyway, I get the computer and I notice right as I pull it out of the wrapper that, although it works fine, the casing is all screwed up. You know how the screen casing closes flush with the lower casing and makes for a nice protective skin for the screen (some hate the look, I love it…). Well, on this machine the screen case was sticking out by 1/10” on the right side and about half that on the left side with an uneven fit in the front. To be sure, I called tech support. The rep told me to ask for a replacement since I was within the 21 days… so I called customer service…
    And that’s where the fun began. I spoke to a guy who after putting me on hold told me to call tech support… I was ready for him… he did not believe me and asked me for the case number and then went and checked the notes… he then told me he had to email his supervisor to get approval for the return: it should not take more than 24-48h!!! The next day, he calls to tell me that the supervisor said to send the computer to the depot for repair!! I said no way, and asked to speak with his supervisor. After 15 minutes on hold, he comes back and says ok, this one time, they will wave the 15% restocking but I have to order a replacement before I can get an RMA#. I was amazed, and told him I would call back in a couple of hours with the new order number… but it does not stop here.
    Within about 1h, he calls back and says I have to order on the phone – cannot order online. To this day, I have no idea why, but I have to do it. So I do, give him the order number, eventually get the RMA#. I will pass on the pathetic setup of a UPS label to return the computer which was a disaster (nothing to do with UPS mind you).
    Now I am waiting for a refund on the return while the new computer is being built (at a lower price!!!). They could have done a “simple” return/exchange, but preferred a return/re-buy, so I saved $100 (and wasted another 2 weeks). Meanwhile, a 20% off coupon surfaces the next day. So I call them up asking for a price match (remembering that they used to have a 30 day price guarantee – or something similar – in the good old days). That was fun too… the rep tells me to create a quote, save it, and that when the computer ships, they will match the price… except, they don’t offer the cheap configuration I ordered anymore (I don’t like to pay $400 for 4GB of RAM when you can get it for $70!). So the rep tells me that my quote is inaccurate b/c it has 2GB of RAM on it. I explain the problem, and he proceed to tell me that I am a moron incapable of using a website… so we go through it over the phone, and hey! there is no option for 1GB of RAM…
    Miraculously, they find a solution: cancel the order and create a new one…
    So here I am waiting for a computer for an estimated 6 weeks… I know that others have had much worse experiences, but in my book, 6 weeks is just too long. And the incredible hassle and the uncertainty as to whether I will get my money back, etc… I wish I had gone with Dell…

  19. This is a copy of email I send to [email protected]

    Hi I found your email on
    I ordered a new laptop from your outlet site on March 5th and it gave
    me a estimated ship date of March 12, 2008. Now the ship-out date got
    changed to March 18 so I called the 866 number to find out why. On the
    phone the rep told me now the laptop won’t ship until March 20 because
    “it just takes the warehouse that long to ship out the product.” I
    wasn’t happy to go without a computer for yet another week. I try to
    ask why you the ship-out date got changed but he said “he doesn’t have
    any contact with the warehouse and it is not his job.” After I said
    somethings about it really strange for someone to work in a company
    like that he hung up on me. Then I called back and I asked if there
    anyway change the shipping from standard to 2nd day. He said if he was
    to change the shipping method he has to cancel the whole order and
    start from the beginning which could even longer. I am really
    “pissed-off” about how you guys handled the situation so far. I can
    understand there’s delays in parts or someone was sick so the
    warehouse is short handed or whatever. It is this “I don’t really get
    a damn about my customer and even if I do there isn’t anything I can
    do about” feeling I get from your company. I really hesitate to
    purchase anything from you guys. If this is the case before the take
    delivery of your product, will you even care after I took delivery and
    you have my money.

    Anyway, if there’s anything you can do about this, it will be cool.
    Meanwhile, I am going to look for another laptop that is similar to
    the X61 Tablet, because I have no confidence in your company thus far.

  20. All,

    Clearly this website is an ongoing favorite for those searching on Lenovo and customer service. For those seeking help and advice on an active issue, I would suggest joining the Lenovo forum at and sharing your experience there so that you may benefit from the advice and counsel of thousands of other members, from the forum moderators, or Lenovo itself.

    Best regards – hope to see you there.


  21. Hello Lenovo folks,

    I initially thought it was just me experiencing such a rude customer service.
    Having read all the blogs here i truly experienced the worst customer service experience in my truly whole life of ordering and buying products over the last 10 years.
    Not only were the customer service reps rude, they would hang up on the calls when trying ti understand what they mean as there English is of course hard to understand, even though I am from the same country as the customer reps (Sad to say this, hurt me to type this).
    I had ordered a laptop for my wife’s birthday. There is no mention while ordering that the shipping address and billing address needs to be on the credit card and that they have to match. As many of us have felt this is ridiculous especially when it is not a common thing at all, and when you would like to surprise someone.
    Today May 21st, 2008, way past my wife’s birthday I get an email saying that my order has been canceled, with out any notification or contact with me.
    Initially, I was asked to add the shipping address to the credit card which was a news to me (on the positive side I told myself, that I learned something that I did not know before). I added the address and then I get an email that your card has been processed and your order is being processed. After three days after making all the efforts to add the shipping address, I get an email saying the order is canceled. What an experience and my wife for who this was a loved birthday gift has no gift at all.
    I truly hope that someone would listen to this and respond and understand that there is HUGE gap between customer service and products for the customers. If there is no customer service there is no products for the customers. If the customer is not happy he will find other companies where he/she is treated well and with respect even if he has to let go some of the quality.
    I hope to see a response from highly respected people at this company. I will also be emailing this to the email addressed mentioned above.

  22. Here is my story…Received my Thinkpad day before yesterday and one of the screws behind the case was missing. The monitor had a few dead pixels and I got an answer from the customer service that it’s normal for Lenovo to have 15 to 20 dead pixels. When I asked them to take it back, they were asking for re-stocking fee. Why should I pay re-stocking for their mistakes?

  23. thanks to all who posted here. i was about to buy a lenovo thinkpad and after reading about this company’s inability to comprehend how to serve customers who have the ability to do business with other companies who sell similar products, i am putting my purchase on hold.

  24. Here is my story..

    Placed an order for a desktop 06/19/08. I asked few memory questions to a rep and at the end of the chat, he requested to add his ID to my order so that he can expedite it. Order was shipped later than promise date and when I opened the package.. power cords, manuals, mouse, CD, etc were missing. Called back on 07/12/08 (India Call center) to report the missing item.

    An Indian rep talks in American accent to an Indian settled in America. Interesting… My wife couldn’t understand most of what she was talking.

    Called many times on Monday to get an answer on this issue without much luck. Emailed the rep who asked me to put his ID. He is MIA.

    I am getting ready to call my Credit Card Company. This is the first and last time I WILL EVEN BUY FROM LENOVO.

  25. I Ordered one of their new Ultra Portables online . Casually looking at the Estimated ship date window, it was shocking to actually find that Lenovo would not ship till the next 30 Days (At the earliest). After making the call to the Call center, i was put on hold for what seemed like eternity.

    1.Woman comes on the line, tell her of my intention to Cancel.

    2. Im Interrogated (Rather Sternly), tell her the reason for my action.

    3. She launches a into diatribe (Im an indian and so was she ) It feels like a fine selection of words roughly patched together by someone who clearly didnt understand what the hell she was talking about !.A Badger would have made more sense 🙁 .

    4.Patched onto Supervisor,finally Cancelled (but money still not refunded).

    I Dont Know but IBM had wonderful Customer Service and im thoroughly unimpressed by this Outfit’s Professionalism.
    Thank God i didnt have to experience their Product.

  26. I tried to purchase a Lenovo laptop on December 17th, received an e-mail confirmation with the items and their associated price.

    One week later I decided to track my order – the system should have been built by now and on its way to my address. After trying several times to click on the link without success, I called up customer service. I was told that my order had been canceled. What?!?!

    Yes, I ordered a laptop, a sleeve and a router. Lenovo incorrectly published the router for $13 on the website. I actually called them up to confirm that the price was right and that it was indeed a router. So apparently they canceled my order because the router was supposed to be $37. Really? First you cancel a large order because of $24? And you don’t e-mail or call the customer?!? And the best excuse: “It is not our fault, it is the system”. What?!? The system? Don’t you guys BUILD systems? Can you not control it? Argh.

    So in the end I ask to re-order the items. I told them that I wasn’t going to even argue about the price. All that I asked for is that they give me expedited shipping to that my order is not too delayed. Too much to ask? Apparently yes. Next time I checked my order, they had charged me for expedited shipping and handling. So now, they have put the order through for the 3rd time. Think they might get it right this time?!?!

    One more mistake and I’m canceling the entire thing. This is the WORST customer service ever. Better pray that I don’t have any issues with the machine. Really. Can you imagine what post-purchase service is like?

  27. I made the mistake of ordering a Lenovo for my wife. After waiting the number of (excessive) days called out on the web site, I was informed that I should not pay attention to what was on the web site, it was wrong (!!!) All the while about 5 people were yelling and screaming in the background, so it was hard to hear. I believe 3 days is about appropriate to turn around a large, “in stock” purchase like the one I made. These people make George Bush look competent and professional! The only reason I did not cancel my order was because I figured that they were likely more incompetent at handling funds than their product and I would probably never see my money again if I canceled. I love my old Thinkpad, but never again.

  28. I too had the email message to call to confirm credit card which I called my credit card company they said the order went through, and I called Lenovo and they said everything was fine. One week later it still was not shipped and I spoke to the supervisor who said that the order was still on hold then did expedited shipping. I have never had so many problems trying to buy a $2000 laptop in my life.

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