Breathtaking Patients

Recently, we have had some spectacular moments at Seaside. I’ll give you a couple of glimpses.

If you’re a local at Seaside I’m sure you have noticed what feels like an invasion of friendly forces. Our work with veterans in San Diego and with the VA has taken off like a wildfire. First we had a wave of recent veterans who served in the Gulf over the last 15 years. Then the Vietnam & Korean vets and believe it or not we are currently treating a handful of heroes who were POWs during WWII. It is really an honor to meet these guys and hear what they accomplished over their lifetime after liberating Europe in what was one of the purest wars we’ve ever fought in. All of these guys did what they thought was best to help each and every one of us so they get my unwavering support to help them correct their problems.

On another note, we’ve had more patients lately doing things like canceling surgeries after their problems went away in our office or having pains they had had for 30 years vanish.

Sometimes my life can be kind of tough, but all it takes is a good couple of hours of cracking people from one side of their miracle to the other.

I wouldn’t miss any of it for anything and in the words of one of our favorite patients, “Ooorhaaa…”

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  1. Hahaha! I’m sure what the patient meant to say was “Oh what a relief that was!” It sure feels good to know that you’re able to make other people feel so much better than they did before they came to you. And to think that those patients were heroes!

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