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It happens every time. I sit down to study, read a book, eat dinner, or go through my mail when it hits me- that painful migraine. I fell on my neck when I was only eleven years old, and since that moment it has haunted me. Just staring down at the table for a reasonable amount of time can come back to bite me. Was it my body attacking my brain, or was my brain just going crazy? After thinking about my situation, I started to debate that age-old question: the body or the brain? I began to do some research and found some amazing information.

I already knew that the brain controls the body. It is made up of almost 10 billion nerves, which are cells that can carry messages to any part of the body. Nerve cells can talk to one another, sending messages throughout the body to create an interconnected system which allows the body to work properly. If the brain can’t get the message from one nerve to another, then the body part that needed to receive that message can’t do its job. This began to make sense, because I knew that when my spine was out of place, it was often because I was sitting wrong and putting too much pressure on my neck. I started to look for information that connected my neck to migraines.

When your spine is out of alignment, it is called a subluxation. This is just a fancy term that means three things: your spine is not straight, it is pinching a nerve, and it’s stuck like this! The nerves from your brain go down through your spinal cord, and come out between each vertebra, going to different areas of the body. The nerves that connect your brain to your head come out through the vertebra in your neck! Once they leave the spinal cord they branch out and go all over the head, to your eyes, mouth and face just to name a few. They control everything that is on top of your skull, and even go back into your neck! This made perfect sense, because many times when I started to feel a migraine coming on, my neck hurt and I was positioning it badly. So there it was, my neck was not in alignment, which created the pinching of a nerve. This nerve was how the brain talked to my head, and told it what to do. When the nerve was pinched, the brain couldn’t get the message through, and my head started to malfunction! That’s why it always felt like it was going crazy!

I always wondered if it was my body’s fault that I had migraines, if my accident had possibly pushed it past its working limit. But I understand now how everything is connected, how my brain is the key. It tells the rest of my body how to work, and if it can’t get its signal through because my spine is pinching a nerve then my body is in trouble! I also found out that the only doctor that can fix my subluxation is a chiropractor. Since I have been adjusted by a chiropractor, he has helped me correct my spine so that my brain can talk to the rest of my body again, especially my head! The pain of my migraines has decreased significantly, and now I can study with confidence because I know that if my neck gets stuck, I have someone to set it straight again!

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  1. YOU SAVED MY LIFE WITH CHIROPRACTIC CARE DR. KLIEN! I am currently visiting my family on the east coast and I thought out lound (in the presence of a friend) “Man! I miss Dr. Klien! My friend of course asked- “Who’s Dr. Klien?” I simply said – this man saved my life about 7 years ago. Dr. Klien- I know I always tell you this, but seriously- I believe that I would have allowed myself to give up and literally die inside had I not met you. You came in to my life shortly after having had a horrific car accident and 2 months after my separation/divorce from my abusive ex-husband. I truly did not understand how what I was going through emotionally and physically was impacting me mentally and therefore causing me to supress myself and allow myself to be supressed by others. No matter anyone’s advice or acts of encouragement during this time- you were the only one who was able to get through to me. This happened, I firmly believe, because you adjusted my atlas, and all of the other vertibrae covering my brain stem and central nervous system.

    During my first consultation you were patient and gentle and you helped me to first understand what was so, and how to first accomoplish getting back on the train to happy town- I needed to persue the person who hit me and get treated for my injuries and pain.

    We got started on that right away and once you adjusted me- Dr. Klien- it was as if I had been kissed by angels telling me everything would be alright. For 7 minutes, I stood in your office and for the first time in weeks I was laughing (albeit hysterically). But I wasn’t just laughing, I was also crying, and I looked at you and Jenny the patient counselor and my best friend at the time, and you both assured me that I would be ok, and that in fact I was ok and on my way to being healthier and happier than ever.

    Prior to my coming to you, for about 2 or more weeks I could not accurately remember where I had been during the day from balcking out. This scared me (as there was no logical reason for this to be occuring during the day, with no influences from any substances) and I would just cry all the time because I didnt understand it. On top of that, for the first time I actually had physical pain in my body and no insurance to cover it. Through my pursuit of the car accident/insurance claim I was able to get treatment first, collect a payout sufficient to cover the treatment and my other bills.


    So I made a commitment to tell everyone I knew about you and seaside chiropractic & how chiropractic is not only useful for correcting and eliminating pain, it is useful for preventing other diseases and disorders from manifesting in the body. I know you would never recommend this however you have been my insurance plan while I have lived in San Diego. When the brain is functioning properly and submitting proper signals to and from the body through the central nervous system the body functions! Plain and simple- this works and you are the best at it.


    So I told this story so proudly to him and i began to cry because it was so real to me that you love what you are doing so much and how that love and commitment spills over and touches me and everyone you heal (i pray they are grateful). As I previously stated, I am on the east coast- so is my friend….he is now planning a trip as well to come out and meet you and learn more about chiropractic. He understands the abcs and realizes that I am serious as can be when I say-


    I love you Dr. Klien and my mom says Thank you as well.

    Naomi Brazwell

    P.S. For the past 6 years I have volunteered forming my own non-profit interest group and joining the Board of Directors and Advisory Board for Community Resource Center a domestic violence and social services agency. As well I make it a point to be an inspiration to others to never give up on yourself or believe in the limitations that others may place upon you. Anything Anything Anything is possible. Thank you again for inspiring me to live my life with a body that functions and a mind that works within the confines of my brain. You are such a contribution to this world & I adore you.

  2. Hey Dr. Klien & Naomi – That’s a pretty wonderful, heart-felt testimonial. I am very happy for you that you were able to get relief from such great physical, mental & emotional pain from the car accident & your divorce from an abusive husband. It is wonderful that God has given some doctors the gift of healing & those doctors have the sincere desire to help others alleviate pain & suffering to improve the quality of their patients’ lifes. It’s also great to find a listening ear & someone who compassionately cares. I love the country western song, “I believe there are angels among us,” by the ?Statler Brothers or ?Alabama. The video is awesome too about every day heroes. There’s also a Sunday morning television show called, “Hereos Among Us” that is pretty amazing, especially the things kids are doing to help humanity. It was great to read your very positive & uplifting comments of gratitude. Anyway, may God continue to bless all of your lives so that you may continue to help others as you are doing now. Happy trails! Carol Kees

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