Funny Chiropractic Office Pics

These are just some random silly photos from the past few months.

Here is my patient Glen’s girlfriend’s hunting dog.
hunting dog 1

Here is Glen holding the hunting dog correctly.

Here is Glen demonstrating how to use the dog for hunting.

Here is Hector getting adjusted in the parking lot in Mira Mesa on my day off.

6 Replies to “Funny Chiropractic Office Pics”

  1. Looks like your day off was kind of a “busman’s holiday”! Do you ever NOT do chiropractic adjustments? How about the dog — did he get adjusted too? Hey, this is true devotion and dedication. I applaud you!

  2. You seem like a very funny guy. I look forward to having an adjustment. I think when you believe in something as much as you do, then it is really not a job, it is your passion in life.

    Who adjusts you???

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