Chiropractic Adjustments Lower Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Lowered by Chiropractic in many people!


What an amazing 24 hours this has been. If you had asked me about this 10 years ago, I would have said this never would happen. In fact if you had asked me yesterday, I don’t would not have thought this would happen.

I got an e-mail yesterday from Mark Wallace who runs the pain treatment center at the UCSD school of medicine. Mark is a world renouned researcher on pain, honestly one of the three smartest people I have ever met, a chiropractic advocate, and an all around wonderful guy.

The e-mail alerted me to a study that just came out that showed a strong corolation between chiropractic and blood pressure. The study talks about how you have to do a special chiropractic adjustment that not every chiropractor can do. What they show in the video is that the chiropractor is separating the top vertebrae from the skull. You can do that with a few techniques, but yes, in my experience not all chiropractors do this successfully or consistently.

The best way I have ever seen to accomplish that separation is from an adjustment invented by Leander Eckhardt that does the separation of the top vertebrae from the skull (about 1/4 inch) very comfortably if done properly, with very little force involved.

Once someone is a patient in our office for a little while, I usually do that adjustment on them every visit.

About 10 years ago we began to suspect that patients getting adjusted in our office had a drop in blood pressure, so we did our own informal chiropractic blood pressure study. What we did was by no means a double blind study on chiropractic and blood pressure.

Really simply we saw that almost every patient I adjusted during this brief look had their blood pressure drop after an adjustment. If I checked them before and after getting adjusted, their blood pressure would drop around 15 points, which matches with the study. Again, ours was very informal, but so obvious that you could not deny the fact.

I am going to be writing more about this whole chiropractic blood pressure connection over the next week in our San Diego chiropractic blog right here.
If you are trying to understand why this words, then a good place to start is our chiropractic cartoon books.

If you want to see the video clip from ABC news, then watch it here.
(Wait till after the commercials)

What are the drug companies going to think about how people are going to handle their blood pressure medication purchases? I predict they are going to freak out, and I would suggest chiropractic should prepare itself for another attack.

So if you hear some slightly strained anti chiropractic announcement made in the next year, don’t be surprised, you heard it here first 😉

No matter what anyone ever says, you can’t stop the truth.

I am dying to hear what people think of this, so please comment below!