Why I would never take a drug for my mind

I have a basic theory that I have followed since I opened my practice. It is the evolution or God theory. It works like this. If you believe in Creation by God, read the next paragraph. If you believe in Evolution, then skip the next paragraph.

If God created us, then he would have created us perfectly, the way he wanted. Man has been around for a long time since we were created, and God provided everything on this planet for man that he needed. He never would have left man for thousands of years without the basics he needed to do well.

If we came about by evolution, then it is a perfect system and we developed to live in the world the way it was 10,000 years ago. We are prefect for that. Evolution moves slowly and is selective for survival. It made us for the world that existed 10,000 years ago. If we want to achive maximum health, then we should live as close to the way nature was 10,000 years ago. There were no drugs then, just clean air, sunshine, fruit, vegis, meat, and running through the jungle!

This means that your body and nature have everything they ever needed to take care of you and everyone around you. God never invented drugs. Evolution never evolved drugs. With the use of mental drugs ones mind changes.

(My disclaimer – I am not a pharmacist or an M.D. and so can not make any recommendations to you about your drugs. I can however tell you what I would do with myself. Study the materials, ask your doctor, and then make your own decision.)

With my disclaimer made, personally, me, I, would never take any substance that altered my mood. I want my mood, and myself as a spirit to interact with God and or the universe around me in a very natural way, without drugs having any part of that. That includes both legal and illegal drugs and alchohol. Psychotropic drugs act by altering the little messangers that travel between one nerve and another. They change the speed at which nerves fire. They change the way people feel. They change the way people experience the universe. I know it is natural to cry. It is normal to be sad when we lose someone we love. It takes time to get over things that are bad. This is the way we have been for thousands of years. For myself I do not consider these things I would ever want to remove.
Recent studies have shown that prescription drugs are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. These drugs are not exempt from this group. Seek out healthy ways to be healthy, and healthy ways to recover from sadness and depression.

Disclaimer again – Ask your M.D. before making any changes to your Medicationss or going off of any of them because people commit suicide and do other terrible things when radically changing their mental drugs. Ask him about long term natural alternatives to help you do better. If you doctor doesn’t know any, then you may want to ask another M.D. 🙂

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  1. god didn’t create drugs for your head and that’s why i stay away from them as well, i’m with yah.

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