Word Camp 2007 What’s up? a.k.a. wordcamp

This blog is written using wordpress. There is an informal kinda quirky cool conference coming up for users of it called word camp.

I am almost ready to make the commitment to go there. Matt Cutts, one of Googles developers has said he is going, and that makes a pretty strong statement.

I have yet to find anyone who has been there in the past, or besides Matt, who is going. So before I drive all the way to San Francisco for word camp, I want to hear some feedback. I know that a lot of word press users will come across this, so I want to hear from you what you know about word camp.

Thanks for the feedback, key burners!

P.S. I just found out it is called wordcamp all one word I think. So I will try this again 🙂 if you are going to wordcamp then can you please comment below anything you know about it, or what happened last year. Thanks in advance for anything you can say on wordcamp!

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