Pomegranates and Japanese Melons The Drain Cleaner of Your Body

The quick summary is that recent studies have shown that Pomegranate juice and Certain Japanese melons work on the bodies arteries like drain cleaner.

(I have no financial connection at all with Pomegranates or Japanese Melons!)
The studies and articles quoted below show increased blood flow of up to 40% in people just by drinking pomegranate juice!

Please let other people know about this, as the major media is probably not going to make a big deal about it.

Actually unclogging your arteries with juice and melons has the potential to cost the drug companies billions of dollars if people find out about this and it works. Get the word out! Read the rest of the article and follow the links to get informed and possibly save your life and the lives of those you know!

The long story is as follows.

First off, I don’t know if everything that is in popular culture about heart disease is true, and how much comes from drug companies marketing.

The current popular theory holds that you eat too much cholesterol, your blood cholesterol goes up, this stuff clogs your arteries, then you can’t get blood to your heart, the heart starves and part of it dies, which is a heart attack.

It makes logical sense, but is it all true?

The one thing I am sure of is that if you clog an artery all the way, blood can not flow through it, and then the part it was supplying will starve from no food and no oxygen.

To measure how clogged an artery is, they now can use sound waves to measure the thickness of the wall of an artery. A thick wall is bad, meaning clogged. A thin wall is good, meaning unclogged. If you think about it, if the walls of the artery become thicker and thicker, eventually they clog up the center and no blood gets through.

At best the wonder heart drugs slow down the build of clogs and maybe, sometimes reverse it.

On the other hand, an article in Life Extension Magazine, had me stuck in Whole Foods market for half and hour while I read it talks about how both Pomegranates and a certain part of a certain Japanese Melon, taken in a certain way, actually massively reverses the clogs!

(Big disclaimer coming up!) The F.D.A. is very leery of people making claims about supplements that they can not back up. I am simply reporting on others works, and ask the reader to read up on the source materials, ask your doctor, and then make your own decisions. I by the way have absolutely no financial interest in pomegranate juice or Japanese melons.

This stuff, Glisodin sounds like a wonder drug, but its not a drug. What they did is found a super strong anti-oxidant. An anti oxidant literally is a chemical that keeps the inside of your body from rusting. The problem it sounds like from the referenced articles, is that if you take an anti oxidant, the acids of your stomach pretty much wreck a lot of the effect. What these guys figured out is how to take this super anti-oxidant and cover it with a thin coating of wheat. The anti oxidant comes from a Japanese melon. The studies show that if you take this stuff the walls of your arteries actually become thinner in people with arteriosclerosis.

We are not talking small subtle changes. We are talking about results like people commonly having a 30% reduction in the thickness in the walls of the blood vessels after a year of use.

Are you kidding me? If this is true, which I really think it is, it means that someone who has massively clogged arteries, but is not dead or having a heart attack yet can take this stuff and go back to doing pretty dang well. (ask your doctor first please first before acting on any of this!)

That means that again assuming all of this is true, that the number one leading cause of death in the U.S. may about to be radically reduced out by a Japanes melon. That would put cancer and stroke at the top of the list. Based on the mechanism, it might even prevent many kinds of strokes.
Now, the other thing in the Life Extension article is about the Pomegranate juice.

In this study after drinking pomegranate juice for one year the arteries of the group had decreases to the thickness in the walls of their arteries by about 30%. The amount of blood flowing through the arteries increased by about 40%. There is no drug that I have ever heard of that can do any of this.

So why aren’t we hearing about this as the main item on CNN. Why isn’t congress holding a major inquiry on the subject? Why is this not the cover story on TIME and Newsweek. Just to make sure you get the gist of this we are talking about the possibility of a very, very lowcost possible method to REVERSE THE NUMBER ONE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE U.S. by over a third!

If this is true, and the word get’s out, I think this is going to cost drug companies many billions of dollars per year.

Please alert others of this, so the truth can get out. This is not some weird conspiracy theory. This is actually research showing a way to very possibly prevent and fix to a large degree the number one leading cause of death in the U.S.

Please let others know!

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  1. thanks a million for bringing this up. i have been on pomegranate juice for almost 40 days after reading about the wonderful role in reversing lesion in arteries.i will be on ct scan 64 slices after 5o days.then i will let u know the exact effects of pomegranare juice on arteries.i was daignosed of 80% lesion in lad six weeks ago and i wont go for stents.i am trying this juice and change in life style.again i do thank you for your concerns about others.

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