Dizziness Whooshing and Chiropractic in San Diego

As always this is not medical advice. Ask your doctor before you do anything. But please, please read the letter discussed in my blog!
I wonderful beautiful girl came into our office a week ago. She is an attorney. She was referred in from another friend of hers who is an attorney. If you read the letter about what was happening to her it will blow your mind.

There has been a lot of talk on the Internet lately about chiropractic and blood pressure.

You might even find some crazy articles on the Internet about chiropractic being dangerous.

This girl  has had thousands of dollars of tests to figure out what was wrong with her, over the past months, and I guarantee that many M.D.’s who read this letter about her whooshing blood vessels would have thought that chiropractic would be very dangerous for her.

After all of the prep work we did, I predicted it would be very safe for her. If you read the letter you can judge for yourself.

I hope that others with high blood pressure, or whooshing arteries will find this article and read her letter. I hope you forward the letter linked to from this page to as many people as possible.

I look forward to watching what happens next!

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