Dizzy Whooshing
in Christie Suriel's ear.

Dear Dr. Klein,

I have been suffering from severe dizziness and whoosing pulsing noise in my right ear. I used to hear my wooshing heartbeat everyday all day. Working out would make me feel like I was going to bleed out my ear. I would get dizzy just from turning my head or going from sitting to standing, lying down to standing. My dizziness had 'a' constant nausea.

I've had severe dizzy spells since December 2006 after a 3 week migraine. I would be dizzy even if I was sitting down, 'or' if I turned my head too fast.

The constant dizziness left me feeling nauseaus almost on a daily basis. Just getting up from bed would make me dizzy, or getting up from a chair.

I've also suffered from intense whooshing pulsing in my right ear, which stemmed from the jugular vien throbbing very intensely every single day for about 2 years.

The whooshing pulsing was so loud that when I saw an Ear-Nose-Throat Dr. he noted that I had temporary hearing loss due to the whooshing, pulsing sound. It had gotten so bad that if my heartbeat rose I could actually feel the pulse in my ear and it felt like I would bleed out my ear.

I had my 1st adjustment on April 2nd, 2007 and imediately the dizziness was comepletely gone.

After my first 2 adjustments it has been so much quieter and strangely enough it made my normally cold hands warmer. For the first time in two years I can be in a quiet room without being driven crazy by the whooshing heartbeat in my ear.

The wooshing was there but not like before.

I could get my heart rate up without feeling like I was going to bleed out my ear.

It seems like a miracle, especially since my Dr.'s thought they would need to do surgery to cauterize the vein to ease the throbbing.

It feels like a miracle after being told by my neuro that it was all in my head.

Thank you soooo much!!!!

Christie Suriel

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