Flow of Data Through Medisoft The San Diego Story

I am getting deeper and deeper into Medisoft. This week we are tackling the flow of data through Medisoft. Currently when a patient ends a plan of care, we must meticulously go through the patients paper file, and make sure every transaction was correctly entered. We have a 0 error tolerance. This way we can ensure that the patient and the insurance company were charged exactly what they were supposed to, and not one dollar too much, or too little.

For purposes of this blog today a case is simply a group of financial transactions that are grouped together for a given patient.
As I am becoming more involved in the whole process I have realized that Medisoft lacks a very specific report that I think most chiropractic offices would love. That feature would be a report that tells you exactly for a given case, how much the patient has paid, how much the insurance has paid. That way you can make sure you recieved exactly what you were supposed to.

Medisoft seems to still reflect what has been called the bill and pray method. That was when a doctors office would see a patient, send a out a big bill, pray they got something, and then adjusted off the balance of whatever the insurance did not pay. For decades many if not most medical offices worked this way. The reason was simply that the insurance paid well, and if you billed that way, medical doctors would still end up making many hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in profit.

Chiropractors in California have not had it that easy the past few decades, so we need to keep track of our individual dollars much more closely.

I am currently having a custom report written so that for a given patient at any time you can pull up a case and see exactly how much the patient paid to date, how much the insurance company paid to date, and how much if any adjustments were applied. I think it will go a long way in saving time in our accounts receivable area in the future.

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  1. I have just transitioned from ChiroMac to MacPractice. Both programs are for Apple computers and we could go on all day about how they can turn the most simple tasks into more and more mousing around and tabbing.

    Hopefully we’ll both be satisfied in the end and not be too distracted.


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