Cleaning the Cords

It is amazing what old has come to meant these days. I took out one of our aproximately four year old computers today. It was using Windows XP, and still totally usable if it is a small software package you are running. I could not believe how coverered in dust it was. I felt like I was resurecting something from the long distant past. It then occured to me it was only a few years old.

In terms of the earth, depending on your religious bent, the earth has been around a very, very long time. Where my wife comes from in Norway, a house isn’t really even beginning to look old until it has been there a hundred years, and really old things were things that happened over 500 years ago. San Diego did not even exist 500 years ago, and I am not sure if the local natives even hung out here 500 years ago.

In San Diego, if it is 100 years old, it is truly ancient. If a house was built in the 1930,s it is a historical landmark. If a was built in the 50’s or 60’s it is really old!

We watched the Al Gore movie tonight, and I loved his focus on the big picture, time wise and geography wise. I also made the comment to my wife that he totally ignored the fact that the earth will eventually fall into the sun and none of what he was talking about would matter any way. It all depends on the perspective of time. I love the idea of being around to enjoy San Diego, the sunny February days like today at the beach, as long as possible. If I am really lucky, I will get to come back again another 1000 times and enjoy it again! I would hate for this life thing to be a one shot deal.

Either way, the farther back of a perspective I take a look at everything, the the better decisions I tend  to make. It also makes one a little braver, and willing to put ones neck out just a little further to improve things for all of us.

In the future, after this new billing system is fully perfected, I will have to find out within the laws of the land, a way to begin to tell more of the truths I know about regarding health. Some of them may not be very popular, but are important stories worth telling.

By the way, the Cleaning the Cords title is dedicated to cleaning the power cords and printer cables that everyone ignores which become unbelievably dusty given a long enough period of time.

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