tired and driving

We just checked in to a little motel after driving for most of the evening.
We were extra careful because it is New Years Eve and I know that many of the other drivers have probably been drinking.
After a time I started to become sleepy and decided to call it a night and check into this motel. I have heard, and believe, that 90% of healing takes place when we are asleep.
I will sometimes find one of my San Diego Chiropractic patients not seem to be improving much, so I will go down my list, and sure enough, I will discover they will not be getting much sleep.
If you are missing a basic point such as sleep, chiropractic will have more trouble giving you a miracle.

Give chiropractic a chance and it will almost always help in some way, but get yourself some sleep too. I know I am.

Good night, and Happy New Year!

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